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Ekteino: stretching our faith in the everyday.

Ekteino (pronounced ek-tay-no) to stretch out.

Each week, there will be 5 days including an action, reflection and thought. We encourage you to make space in each day to give the action a go and see what God does.

If you miss a day don’t worry - jump back in.
Needing a reminder, set the Ekteino alarm.
Wanting to take notes, you can do that here too.

You can be part of Ekteino in three ways:
  • by yourself
  • set up an online group and invite friends to join you
  • join a group where you can share ideas, experiences and discoveries.
Our hope is that you will come away with a deeper sense of who God is and how He is working in the world.

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Let us know you will be stretching?

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