Discernment Weekend

Friday 15 Feb 2019

Discernment Weekend is an opportunity for those who are seriously considering cross-cultural mission.

Together we will focus on how we understand our calling, the highs and lows of life as a cross-cultural worker and the mission and vision of Global Interaction.

This time will allow you to discuss, ask questions, reflect and share hopes and fears. While discernment of your call to cross-cultural mission obviously develops before this weekend, it is hoped that this time and space will allow you to grow in confidence of your call and share this with others who are on a similar journey.

Location: Queensland Conference & Camping Centre, Brookfield Retreat House, 
179 Gold Creek Rd, Brookfield
Contact: Queensland State Office
p. (07) 3354 5603 | e. Lynda on qld@globalinteraction.org.au

Date Friday 15 - Sunday 17 August
Time Contact QLD State Office
Location Brookfield, QLD
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