See below videos and animations for May Mission Month 2018. To download, click the vimeo logo on each video, then click the download button on the new window that opens. Some videos are password protected for security reasons. Please contact your State Office to access these passwords, and view and download the videos. 

Introduction to May Mission Month 2018


These short animations are perfect to play with your church service or small group. 

Animation 1: Branching Out

Animation 2: Make an Impact

Animation 3: Together

Cross-Cultural Worker Updates

Khmer of Cambodia

Update from Catherine

Update from Scott and Janelle

Please note: The project mentioned in the video is titled Scott & Janelle – Tennis Courts (project code: CMwi404). Click here for more information >>> 

Update from Rob and Deb

Update from Rob and Deb for Kids

Yawo of Malawi and Mozambique

Update from Sally

Update from Cam and Kath

Update from Tobias and Heather

Update from Ben and Sam

Montage from Tim and Melanie

Update from Scott and Bek

Update from Jonno and Heather

Ethnic Thai of Thailand

Update from the team in Thailand

The K people of the Silk Road Area

Update from David and Eliza

The B people of South Asia

Update from Morris

Update from Phil

The B.I and S.I people of South East Asia

Update from Dave and Caz

Update from Max and Ezzie, Dave and Edwina

'Teaching Space and Cafe' Project Update from Wanda
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'Community Environmental Improvement' Project Update from Andy
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Update from the team in Central Asia


Montage from Bill and Pauline