Prayer and Praise

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    Glenn and Liz are settling into their new location in rural northern Thailand. At a recent faith community gather, a key Ethnic Thai leader Paul, shared the story of Jesus speaking with the Samaritan woman at the well. As the group discussed the passage, they came alive, speaking about Jesus offering ‘living water’ and what He means to them. Mrs B, a newcomer to the group who was invited by a neighbour, was particularly engaged and curious about the ‘living water’. Afterwards, she opened up with the group and shared that she has been diagnosed with cancer. 

    Next weekend, the faith community leaders will come together for training and to practise sharing their testimonies. 
    For Prayer:

    • God’s Spirit to be stirring curiosity in Mrs B’s heart to learn more about Jesus 
    • Leadership training to further equip local leaders to share their faith story with Ethnic Thai friends and family
    • God to provide a volunteer to homeschool Glenn and Liz’s children to release them to focus on culture and language study 
    Dema and Carolyn were encouraged by the time they spent with Ethnic Thai friends and faith community members when they visited the rural area they used to live. Carolyn’s mum was with them and was amazed to see how the believers had grown in their faith since she saw them years previously. Carolyn is developing a deep friendship with her language nurturer and is sensing that her language nurturer is seeking God. Dema and Carolyn are praying that there will be continued opportunity to water the seeds sown over Christmas, where they share Jesus’ story with neighbours and friends. 
    For Prayer:
    • Praise God for the way Ethnic Thai believers are growing in faith and knowledge of Jesus
    • Despite the distance, Dema and Carolyn’s relationships with rural friends will remain strong and mutually encouraging
    • As Carolyn’s language nurturer seeks God, He would be revealing Himself to her
    • Dema and Carolyn would be attentive to where God is already working among their Ethnic Thai neighbours and friends    

    After coming to end of their contract of their tennis ministry location, Scott and Janelle discerned it was time to build their own tennis courts. They have almost completed the project and can see God’s hand at work throughout the process. The courts are now positioned in a place more accessible for local Cambodian children and adults. Scott and Janelle are developing good relationships with the Khmer tennis coaches and players. There have been many opportunities to share stories from the Bible and Scott and Janelle’s prayer is that the new tennis home will bring a renewed openness to hear the Gospel.
    For Prayer:

    • Thank God for the provision of their new tennis home in which to grow a community
    • God’s Spirit would be preparing hearts and minds to hear and respond to the Gospel
    • Scott and Janelle would be developing deep relationships with Khmer tennis coaches and players where they can share Jesus
    After years serving on the board, as cross-cultural worker in Cambodia and, most recently,  in the National Office, Heather Coleman has concluded in her role as General Director. In her many years with Global Interaction, she has served faithfully and demonstrated a sincere heart to follow God’s call to mission. In the role of Interim General Director, we welcome Chris Barnden. Chris has a long history with Global Interaction in various capacities and brings a wealth of experience in global and Australian contexts. The board is working towards appointing a permanent General Director this year. 
    For Prayer:
    • Thank God for Heather, and her husband Ron’s, faithful service over many years
    • God’s leading for the Board and National Directors, and wisdom as they seek to discern His will