Prayer and Praise

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    Our cross-cultural teams are preparing for events and activities to celebrate Christmas and share the story of Jesus’ birth with local people around them. In Thailand through their Lanternlight Ministries, Jit and Jan are preparing for an overnight camp next week for people with disabilities. For many years, Jit and Jan have been building relationships with these people in the community, offering rehabilitation and disability support, visiting families and providing equipment. This Christmas camp will be an opportunity to join together for fun and good food, as well as share about Jesus’ birth.     
    For Prayer:
    • Solutions for the challenge of transporting all participants to the camp be found
    • Camp to be wonderful time of relationship building and conversations about what Jesus’ birth means for all people
    • Jit, Jan and all cross-cultural workers to sense the guidance of the Spirit as they seek to share the Christmas story with their local friends  
    Andy and Wanda have been back in South East Asia since August following their Home Assignment. Recently Andy and the local team ran a Clean Up Day through Creation Care which saw an amazing response of 15,000 volunteers being involved after the Mayor got on board. Through these events, Andy is keen to build an awareness of environmental sustainability, recycling and better waste management. Most S.I people believe in a Creator God, so this initiative sparks curiosity and offers opportunities for Andy to have conversations about why he, as a follower of Jesus, is interested in caring for God’s creation.
    For Prayer:
    • Positive momentum of this large scale Clean Up event continue for future events   
    • Deepening of Andy and Wanda’s relationships with local staff and increasing opportunities to have faith conversations
    • God’s Spirit to give Andy the words to say as he has conversations about our Creator God    
    Although there are very few believers and no faith communities in the community where Dema and Carolyn currently live, they know God is at work there. They recently reflected on how their role is not to ‘bring’ God there, but instead to help reveal Him through the relationships they build with the guidance of the Spirit. Their prayer is for discernment as they connect with people and seek to develop relationships with those whom God is preparing to hear and respond to the Good News. Both Dema and Carolyn teach at the local primary school and now are also teaching at a school in a nearby village. Teaching offers them another way to connect with local people as well as assisting them in their visas.
    For Prayer:
    • Thankfulness for God’s activity in drawing people to Him and preparing hearts to hear the message of Jesus and respond
    • Discernment for Dema and Carolyn as they meet new people and invest in relationships with colleagues and neighbours
    • Their Christmas meal with Ethnic Thai friends will grow relationships and open eyes to hope in Jesus     
    Candidates Mat and Shannon are preparing to serve alongside Indigenous Australians in the Outback, supporting and equipping the local church. Mat has completed his Bible studies and is grateful for the time of learning and growing that this was. Over the coming months they have many speaking engagements as they spend time with churches and small groups, building up their partnership team. Their family will be growing early next year, as they are expecting twins.
    For Prayer:
    • Good time management and quality family time as they are busy with church visits   
    • Healthy pregnancy for Shannon and energy for daily life
    • Continued trust in God’s wisdom, timing and goodness as they prepare for cross-cultural ministry