Prayer and Praise

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Daz and Bee have nearly been in South East Asia for a year and have found the time has gone very fast. They are certain that God has them in exactly the right place and that He brought them there in the right time. They continue to be involved in the café where one of the workers, Mrs R, has been unwell for a long time. Her condition has recently worsened meaning she is no longer able to work and requires full-time care. Over many years, as Mrs R has developed friendships with various team members, seeds of the Gospel have been sown. Recently these seeds began to take root when Daz and another follower of Jesus recently visited Mrs R. They prayed together, shared the Gospel and during this time, Mrs R confessed a simple belief in Jesus. Praise God! 
For Prayer: 

  • That Mrs R’s fledgling faith will grow in strength and depth
  • For Mrs R to know God’s presence and love as she faces the reality of her health issues
  • For God to give Daz, Bee and the team wisdom and compassion as they care for Mrs R and journey with her through this challenging time    


Since the start of the year, Scott and Bek have been in Australia for their Home Assignment and are preparing to return to Mozambique soon. While here, they have loved meeting and sharing stories with many supporters and partnering churches. They are so grateful for both the encouragement, love, generosity and prayer they have received while in Australia and the knowledge that this continues when in Mozambique too. 
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for the opportunities they have had to reconnect with family and supporters while in Australia
  • For the whole family as they prepare to say goodbye again and experience another time of transition   
  • For the final financial support needed to be received, so they can return to Mozambique without delay


Cam and Kath are preparing for a period of Home Assignment in Australia. They have some visa issues that need to be resolved before they leave Mozambique, and they are praying for a quick resolution with the Immigration Department. They are grateful that school for their children, a car and accommodation while in Australia has fallen into place although they know it will be a big adjustment for them to settle back into Australia temporarily. 

One project that Cam has been particularly involved in recently is the building of Sally’s house. Sally is a team mate who has moved to the village of Massangulo where Scott, Bek, Cam and Kath live. It’s exciting to see this team grow and know that Sally will have a long-term home for her ongoing ministry. 
For Prayer:
  • That Cam and Kath’s visa issues will resolved in good time for them to begin Home Assignment as planned
  • That Cam and Kath will experience God’s peace and guidance as they prepare for their Home Assignment and the time of transition this will bring
  • For the required funds to be received so Sally’s house can be fully built   


A young H man, Ed, lives a few floors above Pete and Nomes in their apartment block. Ed and Pete would always greet each other but hadn’t properly spoken until one day Ed stopped Pete to ask him where he was from. As the conversation continued, Ed let Pete know that he was keen to learn English and they arranged a time to meet at a café to chat further. Before they met up, Pete spent time praying that God would show him if Ed was a person of peace. During the course of their conversation, Pete was amazed to hear that Ed’s name meant peace! Although this could be a coincidence, Pete believes it to be much more. They have met up a couple more times and on each occasion, Ed has been full of questions and genuinely interest in Pete’s experiences. Pete is praying for wisdom and the words to say as he seeks to share more deeply with Ed. 
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness that God placed Pete in the position to connect with Ed and invest in his life
  • That their relationship will develop and Ed will be open to conversations about faith
  • For Pete and Nomes’ culture and language learning to increasingly equip them to share the Good News in culturally understandable ways