Prayer and Praise

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    The people of Thailand recently celebrated their New Year with a large community festival. After living in Thailand for a year, Liz felt as if she had ‘hit a wall’ and was never going to become an accepted outsider among the Ethnic Thai. Within a few days of bringing these feelings to God, her language nurturer invited her to join a group working on preparations for the New Year festival. During that day, she was shocked to be selected by the chief to represent their village by holding the village banner for the parade in full national dress. As nervous as she was, she couldn’t help but feel that God was responding to the yearnings of her heart, and having a laugh with her at the same time.  
    For Prayer:
    • Thankfulness that God hears our prayers and responds in ways we don’t always expect
    • Liz to grow in her relationship with her language nurturer and be attentive to the Spirit’s promptings throughout her conversations with her language nurturer and others
    • Glenn and Liz to diligently develop their cultural understanding and language skills so, over time, they can effectively communicate the message of Jesus with their Ethnic Thai friends  
    Pauline and Sally are in Papua New Guinea completing the third phase of the Kyaka Enga Bible revision with a team of translators from Papua New Guinea. The team is working well and they are making good progress, however the visas Sally and Pauline were granted will not be long enough and they are applying for an extension. 

    Max and Ezzie are planning on being in Australia for their Home Assignment from July, however there have been unforeseen complications with their visa application and it is still being processed.
    For Prayer:
    • Thankfulness for the team’s steady progress on the Kyaka Enga Bible revision
    • Sally and Pauline to receive the visa extension they need in order to complete phase three of the project 
    • God’s hand over Max and Ezzie’s visa application for their Home Assignment in Australia
    Daz and Bee are extremely excited and praising God for His provision in bringing together a team of faithful supporters to partner with them. They are amazed at the significant growth of their partnership team in the past three months and thank God that He is not only the God who leads but also provides. The family still have final practical preparations to complete before they join the team in South East Asia in the coming months. 
    For Prayer:
    • Praise God for His faithfulness, provision and perfect timing
    • God to be preparing Daz, Bee and their children for the transition ahead     
    • Other candidates, especially those who have been building a partnership team for many years, will be encouraged by Daz and Bee’s story
    Candidates Tristan and Megan continue to make preparations for their future cross-cultural ministry in Cambodia. As Megan looks to finishing her work at the end of April, she is feeling the reality of what is ahead. Her experiences of building friendships at the Hospital have taught her the value of being present with others, sharing her heart and demonstrating Jesus’ love, all of which are the foundation for her ministry in Cambodia. Tristan has been reflecting on Jeremiah 17:7-8 and his need to trust God fully and trust in his provision and good timing.
    For Prayer:
    • Tristan and Megan to experience God's peace and trust in His timing
    • God to be prompting more people to partner with Tristan and Megan enabling them to receive the final support they need to join the team
    • The Spirit to continue to mould and shape the family for the mission He has for them
  • NEWS
    We thank God for the life of faithful service of Jim Martin who recently passed away. Jim, with his wife Sharon, served in Papua New Guinea, Papua and Indonesia in the 1960’s to 1990’s.