• Just Prayer Booklet
    An overview booklet with prayer themes and creative prayer ideas. PDF of 2018 booklet >>  PDF of how to fold your booklet >>
  • Just Prayer Poster
    Print and pin up this poster to promote Just Prayer. This can be printed A3 or A4. PDF of 2018 poster >>
  • Just Prayer logos -  landscape | portrait
    Use the logos in your church newsletters, PowerPoints during services, emails, websites, blogs. 
  • Just Prayer Presentation

    A presentation giving a background to Just Prayer and the least-reached people groups Global Interaction serves among. Perfect to show during prayer stations, offering, with music, quiet reflection or prayer time in a service or with your small group. 2018 PowerPoint presentation available soon.  

  • Dummies Guide to Least-reached People Groups
    Print this one page handout for reading during services or small groups. The article is a page from Resonate magazine.
  • Just Prayer Hourly Calendar
    Print this calendar and ask your church to commit to an hour of prayer so that the whole day/weekend is covered. 
  • Moved by the Need
    This is a DVD clip from the three-part church resource, Moved. Find out more about the Moved series here or view three relevant clips of the DVD on YouTube – titled Global Interaction Moved Michael Frost A, B and C.
  • Joshua Project
    This website contains excellent information about least-reached people groups. The equip section contains comprehensive maps and powerpoints.
  • Injustice of the least-reached
    This image portrays the distribution of resources among the reached and least reached. Use it as a discussion starter.
  • Focus on a People Group
    Your small group or church may want to consider learning more about a people group through the People Group Focus program.
  • Just Prayer or Prayer for Justice
    In this article, Melinda Cousins, Former State Director SA, shares some reflections on Just Prayer. Read here.