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Cross-cultural Mission

Boys II men (Malawi) - Naomi BarkerBuddhism encounter - Dr Philip HughesFight, flight or faith - Grace MunroFrom individuals to a movement (Thailand) - MuanaHow to change the world (Resonate 12) - Michelle FarrallHow to change the world - Discussion questions I have a dream (Thailand) - Naomi GilbertInside Out (C1-C6 Spectrum) & discussion questions - Rob LuttonMission in the New Testament - Susan CampbellMonks discover true enlightenment - Michelle FarrallMonks discover true enlightenment - Discussion QuestionsPartners in Mission - our relationship with the Baptist Churches of Mizoram - Chris PittendrighPocket compass and Google earth (Resonate 9) - Susan Campbell and Naomi BarkerPocket compass and Google earth - Discussion QuestionsReaching the unreached - Grace MunroReflections on localisation (Cambodia) - Barry HigginsShort-term mission: Would you like fries with that? - Glenn JessopShort-term mission: Would you like fries with that? - Discussion QuestionsTea for two: A modern take on mission - Allan OlsenTea for two: A modern take on mission - Discussion QuestionsThe power in their hands - Lisa WWhat it means to empower - Ivan JamesWhat is integral mission - Dr Vinoth Ramachandra (Micah Challenge resource)


Cross-cultural teams & workers

Stages of transition - Karen Newnham There's no "I" in team - Chris Barnden


Other Religions

Buddhism for dummies (Resonate 8)Islam for dummies (Resonate 6)


Life & faith

Contract vs. Covenant (Resonate 9) - Michelle FarrallContract vs. Covenant - Discussion QuestionsDenying yourself (Resonate 13) - Naomi GilbertFacebook + discipleship = epic fail (Resonate 13) - Mark SayersGod's call or not God's call (Resonate 8) - Caryn RogersGod's call or not God's call - Discussion QuestionsI'll have what she's having (Resonate 12) - Susan CampbellI'll have what she's having - Discussion Questions