Thriving Churches in Assam
Mon 1 May 2017 |

Global Interaction’s partnership with Assam continues through scholarships for church leaders, visits for teaching and pastoral encouragement and ministry program subsides. WA team member and former cross-cultral worker Pam Gallagher recently visited Assam.

Serving Faithfully for Three Decades
Mon 1 May 2017 |

Marg has been serving in both Africa and South East Asia for the past 30 years and the work that she has been involved in has been remarkable. Marg began her cross-cultural journey back in 1988 in West Timor before moving onto Zimbabwe for most of the ‘90s and then to South East Asia until 2016. With visa difficulties and aging parents, Marg felt that it was time for a new season in Australia.

40 Years of Sharing Good News
Mon 1 May 2017 |

<div>In April of 2017 we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Morris working with the B people of South Asia. Morris answered the call to head to South Asia in 1977 and has never looked back.   ‚Äč</div>

God is Breaking Through!
Fri 28 Apr 2017 |

Visas, work permits, registrations, malaria, finances and staff shortages are obstacles that the Global Interaction Yawo Team have faced in recent years. They are huge challenges but God is breaking through and communities are being transformed by the love and power of Jesus Christ. Living in towns and villages among the Yawo people in Malawi and Mozambique, the Global Interaction Team can be found interacting with the Yawo in all aspects of life. Whether it be shopping at the local markets, sitting or working in villages, tending maize fields or attending funerals and initiation celebrations, the team is dedicated to learning the local culture and language and building deep relationships with the local people.

Drip by Drip the Jar Fills
Fri 13 Jan 2017 | Global Interaction

In Cambodia, as throughout all Global Interaction teams, Jesus is the centre of who we are and what we do. Jesus is our reason for living among the Khmer people. Also, Jesus is our model for how we go about our lives. Firstly, the team is always seeking to live incarnationally among the Khmer by working incredibly hard to be culturally and linguistically competent. Secondly, team members are always seeking to be the Good News by training themselves in spiritual practices. For example, prayer, hospitality and listening. Next, the team is building authentic relationships with those who do not yet know Jesus. Then, into those relationships the team is always seeking to share the Good News, that is, Jesus, through stories. We invited Catherine to help us see what this looks like for her life in Cambodia.

Papua New Guinea - Oh, The Wheel Nut!
Mon 26 Sep 2016 | Global Interaction

Following WWII, the first Baptist ministry began in Papua New Guinea in 1949. Now, there are over 400 local churches with over 60,000 believers! Global Interaction Consultant Geoff Cramb recently visited church leaders to support and encourage them in their striving toward their vision of ‘Believing God and Serving Holistically’. During this trip he also witnessed a very significant event.

Shining God's Love
Mon 26 Sep 2016 | Global Interaction

The Global Interaction team in Central Asia are seeking to empower the H people to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus. Lulu has served in the team for the past 16 years. We’re thankful for the love she has for God and the H people.

Celebrating Ethnic Thai Leaders
Mon 26 Sep 2016 | Global Interaction

Following years of ministry among the Ethnic Thai we celebrate the news that three emerging faith communities are now being led by local believers! Cross-cultural worker Petina explains how this has come about and introduces us to some of the leaders.

Five Outback Communities
Mon 12 Sep 2016 | Global Interaction

In early 2009 Bill and Pauline drove into the Northern Territory excited, afraid and challenged about a change of lifestyle, culture and home. God had clearly directed them to the remote Indigenous communities of Kalkaringi and Lajamanu. They spent the first year building relationships and learning a new way of life. Seven years later they have grown in their relationship with Jesus and have been constantly challenged about how to serve, support and love those around them.