Registration form: strategic mission week 2019
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Join students, pastors and others with a heart for local and global cross-cultural mission. Learn from experienced cross-cultural and local mission practitioners. 

This course is ideal for people who:

  • seek to further understand the mission of God 
  • want to develop practical skills for effective and appropriate local and global ministry
  • are discerning a call to cross-cultural ministry 
  • want to learn and reflect before and after short-term mission experiences 
  • seek meaningful professional development for pastoral or church-based mission roles
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Course Details:
  • The course runs from 8 - 12 July at Global Interaction NSW ACT State Office, Baptist Ministry Centre, Level 1, 3 Carlingford Road, Epping NSW
  • Session times are 9:00am - 4:30pm
  • Cost is $350 (inc GST). Global Interaction will email you an invoice. This includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch.
  • Soon after registration you will receive online access to pre-reading articles. These are strongly encouraged for all participants. 
Course Facilitators:
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 is the Global Interaction Consultant for Community Development and has a long history with Global Interaction. He and his wife Bethany served in both South Asia and South East Asia. John has a wealth of knowledge and experience in community development, including project design and building local sustainability. 

Walt is Global Interaction’s Consultant for Special Ministries. He and his wife Jeanine served with a team of Australians in South Asia and Thailand from 1977-1993. Walt is a natural story-teller. He helps Global Interaction teams and others to reflect deeply on the Gospel and on their cross-cultural living and interaction and enhances their understanding of local religious and cultural perspectives, strengthening their ability to communicate the message of Jesus.

Mark is the Director of Ministries and works with our cross-cultural teams to help them develop effective, authentic and innovative ways to engage people and communities and share the Good News of Jesus across cultural and religious divides. He is an ordained and accredited Baptist Pastor and has considerable experience in cross-cultural ministry among least-reached people groups as well as pastoral experience in the Australian Church. 

The team of facilitators will be joined by cross-cultural workers who will present case studies about current issues.


“Unless pastors and leaders operate like missionaries in their own ministry context, learning the culture and language of their own communities, growing numbers of ordinary Australians will fail to hear the Good News of Jesus in ways that make sense to them. Strategic Mission Week is a unique opportunity for local pastors to rub shoulders with, learn from and dialogue with some of the world’s most thoughtful and experienced mission practitioners.” Ryan Smith, Global Interaction State Director VIC/TAS

"We desperately need more leaders and missionaries equipped to exegete not just the Bible but our neighbourhoods, who are prepared to listen to their neighbours of all different faiths (or no faith), and who are inspired to speak about the Gospel in culturally-appropriate and imagination-grabbing ways. That is why I am thankful for 
Global Interaction and Whitley's Strategic Mission Week course." 
Darren Cronshaw, Mission Researcher, Baptist Union of Victoria

“Living as we do in a post-Christian world, we in the church can no longer assume that our neighbours understand anything at all about the Good News of Jesus. If we’re to communicate in a meaningful way, we must first analyse the worldviews of the culture in which we live. It is in the context of these worldviews that our message will be decoded and evaluated. Strategic Mission Week teaches us how to do this well. Only then, can we make some headway in mission!”
Chris Barnden, Regional Pastor, Baptist Union of Victoria

Comments from 2018 participants:
  • ‘I appreciated the opportunity to spend time with cross-cultural travellers and cross-cultured locals.’ 
  • ‘ It was an absolute blessing to hear from these faithful people of God, immersing myself more in the stories of Jesus, seeking ways to nourish my spirituality in different contexts’
  • ‘The case studies really helped put ‘feet’ on the learning’
  • ‘It’s incredible how many years of experience are represented in the room – what a privilege it was to be part of it!’
  • ‘This was so good, next year I’ll encourage others from my community to do it