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We're so excited that over recent times, there has been a fantastic number of South Australian Baptists called by God to serve as long-term cross-cultural workers, with Global Interaction. This has been an answer to prayer!

The opportunity for us now, as a movement of local Baptist churches committed to global mission, is to mobilise these people to begin their work overseas.

This coming May we’re seeking to take a big step forward in this, by identifying 100 new individual supporters willing to partner with a new cross-cultural worker – and all in a period of 100 days! Will you and your church please consider being involved?

What does partnership involve?

We’re asking that where possible, a 3-fold commitment be made:
1. Prayer: Our cross-cultural workers face daily challenges and opportunities. Frequent prayer is vital.
2. Understanding: We’re seeking people who will truly seek to understand what God is doing within the people groups that we work, so that they might share those stories with others.
3. Giving: There is an inevitable financial cost to this work, and we’re asking for people to make an ongoing pledge of regular financial support of a new cross-cultural worker.
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To reach and, God willing, exceed this goal of ‘100 people in 100 days’, we’re seeking both individuals who are willing to be involved, and churches willing to identify new supporting partners within their congregation. If you would like to discuss you or your church’s participation, please contact the SA/NT state office. and we can help you take care of the rest!

To promote this campaign within your church or small group, please feel free to download campaign resources here >>> Or contact the SA/NT team on (08) 8357 1755 or