In June Maku and 122 other men and women, mainly young were baptised.             I will give

This was the second large-scale baptism in the region with more scheduled among the Enga people in the Baiyer area of Papua New Guinea in the days ahead.

60 years ago in a similarly dammed creek in the same valley Maku’s ancestors first testified to faith in Jesus in baptism. Seven years earlier, Australian Baptists had entered the Baiyer Valley to share the love of Christ with the Enga people, then a least-reached people group.

They were convinced that God was calling them to go this people who had not had the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus. They learned the language, developed friendships and shared the love of Jesus as they responded to local needs, daring to believe that God would work in the hearts and lives of the people that they had come to love.
Sixty-seven years on from that first encounter with Australian Baptists, Maku and his generation are receiving the gift of life in Jesus passed on by their own people. Communities too are being transformed as local followers of Jesus are active in settling old feuds between highland clans.
It began with God blessing the seed sown by those Australian Baptists who went and those who supported them with finance and prayer.

Today teams of Australian Baptists are living and working among nine least-reached people-groups in Africa and Asia, daring to believe that God will do it again!

We need your support for this long, patient and pioneering work so that people like Maku can have the opportunity of hearing about Jesus from local believers.

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