Our teams are sharing a message of eternal hope. Will you join with them? Your gift is an eternal investment...

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"Before these things happen, the Good News must be told to all people." Mark 13:10

“Father may your message of salvation, your message of hope in Jesus, be shared with every nation in this generation. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.” What a challenging prayer to pray! We hope for it – that before the return of Jesus, the Good News of His Kingdom will be preached to every nation. We believe we can achieve this in our lifetime, but we cannot achieve it alone. It takes a movement of workers, prayers, givers, and goers!  

As branches of the True Vine, we all have a role to fulfil in the Great Commission. 

Global Interaction facilitates the journey of those who are called to ‘go’ and this Appeal invites your partnership in prayer and giving. Only this morning the Global Interaction team has rejoiced in a recent story from where our work began over 135 years ago...  

She quietly concealed her Bible in a place where it would be safe. Whenever she could, she would avidly read its pages and discovered a loving Saviour in whom she determined to place her trust! However, she told nobody about her new faith. In our experience, cultural and religious barriers are present in the communities in which we work. Often these barriers make it difficult for people to share their newfound faith in Jesus with family and friends.

When the time came for her to be married, the young woman assumed she would be married to a man of the majority faith of the country. How thrilled she was to discover her new husband quietly keeping his own copy of the same book under his pillow, and his testimony of faith in Jesus! What are the chances of that?!

Global Interaction has shared similar stories of lives and relationships being transformed by the news of Jesus. Our passion is to join with God in reaching the least-reached people of our world. Over the years, we have discerned a call to live and serve among particular communities of people who are unlikely to have meaningful contact with a follower of Jesus and even less likely to hear the message of Jesus in a way that makes sense to them.

We continue to hear stories today of individuals in Africa, Asia and Outback Australia putting their trust in Jesus because Australian Baptists have been called and enabled, thanks to your support, to live among them. Let us never underestimate what God can do with dedicated people willing to live among another culture to share a message of eternal hope and supported by a community of faithful givers and prayers. 

Global Interaction relies on you sowing into this mission as an extension of prayer life, as an extension of your tithing and believing that we are facilitating miracles together. Unless someone is there to share the message, the miracle may never be realised.

Please give generously.