Will you give today and enable others to receive the gift of 'living water'?

Yes! I will give today

For many years Rieka has been burdened by fear. Worry about evil spirits and night-terror haunted her. She longed to be free of fear! 

Rieka lives in a neighbourhood in South East Asia where there are no known followers of Jesus. How could she ever experience the hope and freedom that she craved?

Well, an unexpected conversation with a worker from Global Interaction’s Education Foundation began an amazing process of transformation where hope, love and joy crushed fear. The encounter led Rieka to a job teaching at the Foundation where she first heard about Jesus. Although deeply suspicious at first, she began to want to know more as she watched staff read the Bible and pray together. God worked in an amazing way.

One night Jesus appeared to Rieka in a dream. A few nights later when a night-terror struck, she prayed in Jesus’ name. The terror left her. Rieka was overcome with joy and the next day shared her experience with the Global Interaction team. Her faith grew and on Christmas Eve, she asked be baptised as a follower of Jesus. 

Many years ago, Jesus met another woman by a well. Life too, weighed her down. He offered her the ‘living water’ that her thirsty soul longed for. Refreshed and excited, she rushed back to her village to share what she had discovered with people who often shunned her. The Good News was too good to keep to herself. Rieka feels the same way. She is part of a small but growing movement in her part of the world that want to share the gift of Jesus with their families and neighbours. 

There are millions of other women and men like Rieka around the world searching for hope, searching for ‘living water’. Global Interaction workers act as a catalyst in communities across Asia, Africa and Outback Australia where there are few, if any, believers who are prepared to cross religious or cultural boundaries to share this gift of life. 

You can be a vital member of this team. Your gift will mobilise Global Interaction workers to go to communities like Rieka’s. You will equip them to learn language, allow them to live in communities where there are few believers and share the love and truth of Jesus and enable local communities to advance the wellbeing of their people.

You will change lives!

Please give today. Join us in sharing “living water” with those who are thirsty for life!