Prayer and Praise

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In the lead up to Christmas, Catherine had the opportunity to sit with two of the team’s language nurturers and have a conversation about Christmas and how it can be expressed in their context. For one of the language nurturers, the Christmas story was completely new to him with his previous understanding of Christmas coming from seasonal hotel lights. However, the other language nurturer has been on a journey of faith for some time and what Christmas means for him is unfolding. This conversation, and others like it, are such a privilege for Catherine to be a part of and she is so grateful to be in a position to walk with people as they explore and grow.    
For Prayer:

  • Thankfulness for the relationships Catherine has developed and the meaningful conversations about faith and life that continue to occur
  • For God’s Spirit to be stirring in the hearts of both language nurturers, drawing them into a deeper understanding of Jesus 
  • That as Catherine interacted with Khmer friends each day, she will remain sensitive to opportunities to share Jesus


Rob and Deb held a Christmas party where they invited Khmer neighbours and their team members. Following a language lesson where the Christmas story was used and further conversations, two of the team’s language nurturers crafted a nativity scene out of clay and bamboo for Rob and Deb. The figures and stable where made in the likeness of Khmer people and local animal shelters. They also prepared a table which used Khmer symbols to represent aspects of the Christmas story, such as candles to represent Jesus, the Light, coming among us. Catherine reflected that although it is not a story that is part of Khmer culture, it was shared through symbols and images that are familiar and understandable to their Khmer friends at the party. 

For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for the team’s deepening relationships with Khmer friends and the opportunities they have to share what is important to each of them     
  • That the team’s language skills and cultural understanding will continue to develop so they can share Bible stories contextually
  • For many more conversations about Jesus and faith to be sparked from these Christmas conversations  


There are currently three candidate families and couples preparing to serve in Malawi with Global Interaction. We praise God for calling them and the way they are faithfully responding to His leading. David and Susie are connecting with churches and sharing their story, as well as leading a ministry at their home church which focuses on engaging with people in their local community from different religious backgrounds. David and Susie, along with fellow candidates Adam and Natalie, are participating in upcoming training courses run by Global Interaction. Candidates Gary and Shirley are also building their partnership team. Their future role in Malawi will be unique in the team as they will be specifically serving through the Baptist Theological Seminary of Malawi, offering valuable support in equipping local church leaders through teaching. 
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness that God is at work through the team’s ministry and people are meeting Jesus 
  • That in God’s good timing, each of these candidates will join the team and begin serving in Malawi
  • For Australian Baptists with a heart to see thriving faith communities among the Yawo, and local leaders equipped, to actively partner with these candidates


Mat and Shannon have now been living in Outback Australia for three months and they are starting to settle in. They are continuing their culture and language learning and investing in building friendships with local people through connecting at the school, church, swimming pool, shops and other community meeting spots. They are also enjoying having children from the community use their backyard as a fun, safe space to play in. A close friend spent months with Mat and Shannon, supporting the family in their transition and relocation. She was such a blessing to them and they were very sad to say goodbye, however so grateful for the way God placed her with them. 
For Prayer:
  • That Mat, Shannon and their children will know God’s peace as they transition to life in Outback Australia
  • For Mat and Shannon to be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading as they connect with local people and seek to build meaningful relationships
  • For Mat and Shannon to understand and retain the culture and language they are learning, enabling them to grow their ability to communicate in the heart language of the local people