Prayer and Praise

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    Prem is a young Ethnic Thai believer who was recently baptised before he relocated to study at university. Previously a member of their youth Bible study group, Luke and Belle would often spend time with Prem. They are praying that Prem will continue to live out his faith and find a community of faith to be involved in while at university. Richard and Maxine have recently returned to Australia and will spend time connecting with and thanking supporters before concluding their service later this year. 
    For Prayer:
    • Prem would feel God’s continued presence as he transitions to university
    • Ethnic Thai believers to be encouraged and emboldened to share their faith in Jesus with their communities
    • Sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading as local faith community leaders teach God’s Word each week
    • The team would build on relationships that Richard and Maxine established within the community
    Rob and Deb have begun to learn how to read Khmer and have increased their culture and language lessons to 5 hours each weekday. They are very thankful for their patient Khmer language nurturers who are sharing their culture and language with them. Though it’s currently necessary for Rob and Deb to be based in the city for their lessons, they feel drawn to the rural areas. Over time, they are keen build relationships with Khmer people living out of the city, many of whom are subsistence farmers.   
    For Prayer:
    • Increased ability to speak, understand and read Khmer so they can communicate with those around them
    • Deepening of  friendship between Rob and Deb and their Khmer language nurturers
    • More churches and individuals to partner with candidates preparing to serve in Cambodia enabling them to join the team soon  
    Next week the team leaders from our cross-cultural teams will join together, along with some National Directors, Consultants and Australian based staff, for the annual conference in Thailand. The focus of this year’s conference is on formation for cross-cultural ministry and being conformed in the image of Jesus. 
    For Prayer:
    • Discussions to be Spirit-led, authentic and unifying
    • Spiritual refreshment and renewal for all involved  
    • Team leaders to return to their teams with renewed clarity and vision for the team’s ministry
    Last week Petra’s language nurturer came to their lesson with questions that had been sparked by a conversation with someone else. She spoke with Petra, wondering why God allowed Jesus to be tortured and killed and why that was necessary. This opened up the opportunity for a meaningful discussion between them. Unfortunately, Ben and Petra are still working on securing a visa that will be more stable for them. Their current visa requires them to travel to the border each month. 
    For Prayer:
    • Petra’s language nurturer to continue to dwell on Jesus’ death and resurrection and be open to further conversations
    • More opportunities for the team to have spiritual conversations with their K friends 
    • Wisdom for Ben, Petra and the team as they consider new avenues for their visa application 

  • YAWO
    Learning language and understanding culture is an ongoing journey for cross-cultural workers, even after serving in the community for many years. To develop his ability to follow and engage in conversations with more complex language and new concepts, Cam is recording Yawo people talking about their daily lives, work, past experiences and the history of the area. Hearing people’s stories has been eye-opening for Cam and the exercise is about much more than just learning language. 
    For Prayer:
    • As Cam listens to people’s stories, there would be opportunity for him to share stories from the Bible
    • Good language skills and cultural insight for the team enabling them to share the message of Jesus in a way that makes sense to the Yawo