Prayer and Praise

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Rob and Deb are giving thanks to the God for Rob’s healing, and that there was no intervention required and surgery avoided! Months of depending on God for a resolve to health issues has been a time of strengthening, and encouragement for them both and all who have prayed with them. 
The Cambodia team are anticipating the arrival of Hutchinson family and they have asked us to keep Luke and Rachel in our prayers. The team is encouraged knowing that they will finally have a team leader in country very soon and are thankful to all who have faithfully partnered with them.  
  • Rob’s healing and God’s faithfulness in responding to prayers for healing. 
  • Blessing upon the opportunities the team will have to grow new relationships and welcome new cross-cultural workers to the ministry among the Khmer
  • Hutchinson family to be well prepared and supported as they farewell their family and friends in South Australia
  • Thanksgiving for God’s hand at work among the hearts and lives of the Khmer people.


Jean-Claude and Joyce after 5 years of preparation are now at 98% of their support! They have recently travelled to Far North Queensland with QLD Sate Director Bob to visit churches and share their story of hopes to serve among the YAWO very soon. They are so thankful for all those who have been journeying with them over these years and for those who have only recently decided to partner with them. Candidates, Gary and Shirley are currently teaching at the Baptist Theological Seminary of Malawi for the month of September. It has been a busy time for both with Shirley teaching English and Gary teaching Theological subjects. They are currently getting through all the marking of papers and exams before they head back to Australia. Gary and Shirley, passionate about training and equipping pastors in a cross-cultural setting, are prayerfully developing their partnership team to help them serve in this area long term. 
  • Thankfulness for the faithfulness, patience and persistence of candidates preparing to serve among the Yawo.  
  • For students at the seminary college, that they are uplifted and inspired by the lectures they receive and the interactions they have with Gary and Shirley.
  • Blessing to those who have partnered with Jean-Claude and Joyce, Gary and Shirley encouraging them and sustaining them for long-term field placement. 
  • Gary and Shirley’s family and friends in Australia as they adjust to the idea of living great distances apart and for their friend Robyn who is in need of prayer for healing.


Last week stories of an Alumni gathering of former Global Interaction cross-cultural worker colleagues was held at the Brisbane City Tabernacle. It was a time of joyful fellowship and celebration of culture, language and shared experiences and friendships.
  • Pray for those who have retired from cross-cultural ministry that the Lord will continue to sustain and strengthen them in fellowship with Him and with one another.
  • Pray for those whom, through the ministry of returned cross-cultural workers, have come into a relationship with Jesus. That what they heard and what they learned will grow and be made manifest for His glory. 
  • Prayer for church communities who actively engage with and support returned cross-cultural workers