Prayer and Praise

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    After returning from their Home Assignment, Ken and Roz are settling back well into life among the K people. They have reconnected with many K friends and were so grateful for the way they were welcomed back and greeted like family. Last week, the team was invited to a family celebration for a friend’s newborn. Two of our team members were invited to take part in the formal aspect of the ceremony and offer a blessing for the baby. The team felt privileged to be included in this way.
    For Prayer:
    • God to be softening the hearts of this family to be open to hearing and responding to the message of Jesus
    • Wisdom as the team seek to deepen relationships and share the Good News in a culturally relevant and appropiate way
    • Spirit’s guidance for the upcoming team retreat and visit from Team Leader Walt and Jeanine
    There have been a number of baptisms of Ethnic Thai believers recently, including a one man who had decided to be baptised three years previously, but due to family pressure, changed his mind. Following that, his faith in Jesus became lukewarm. The team continued to disciple and journey with him and this year his life hit a turning point where he was ready once again to testify his faith and was baptised. As the team continues to seek new ways to connect with Ethnic Thai people, Villy has begun going to a fitness centre for women once a week. Through this, she has made a number of friends, mostly young mothers.
    For Prayer:
    • Villy’s new friendships will deepen and the Spirit will guide her conversations
    • Praise God for the recent baptisms and the way He is working the hearts of many Ethnic Thai people and using the team
    • Growing spiritual maturity for the Ethnic Thai believers and Faith Community leaders 
    • Courage and boldness of faith for Ethnic Thai believers and seekers as they encounter family and society pressure
    Geoff is in Papua New Guinea at the moment for a short trip. He is working on training material for trainers with the Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea. Progress on this project has faced setbacks and regulatory challenges and the team is now pursuing an alternate course of action. PNG nationals, Susan and Henry have recently returned to PNG after being in Australia to work on the Kyaka Enga Bible Revision with Sally. The first phase has been completed and they will return to Australia to continue work later this year.  
    For Prayer:
    • Continued whole-of-life transformation for the over 1000 people who were baptised in the Baiyer-Lumusa area last year
    • Good conversations and progress on the training material while Geoff is in PNG
    • Wisdom for Susan, Henry and Sally in their revision of the Kyaka Enga Bible as they seek to make the Word of God understandable and accurate for the Enga people 
    Wanda continues to have good conversations and journey with the local S.I café staff. She and Andy are encouraged to see the staff becoming increasingly comfortable with them. The Community Environment Improvement project was established one year ago. A local Director, as well as some interns and another local employee form the team with Andy. As the office for this project is located behind the café, there are good opportunities for connections between the groups.
    For Prayer:
    • Andy and Wanda to be effective and sensitive as they share life with those around them each day
    • The team retreat that is currently taking place will be a time of renewed spiritual refreshment and clarity around ministry  
    Many resources including Bible studies, sermon notes, candidate and team update videos are being produced for May Mission Month. These resources are being created to engage people and churches with mission and the ministry of Global Interaction around the world.   
    For Prayer:
    • The resources produced will be Spirit-led and the people who use them will be inspired to respond to God’s call to mission in their own life
    • People and churches will grow in their understanding of and engagement with the ministry of Global Interaction 

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Lois Davey who served with Global Interaction in Papua New Guinea from 1959 - 1977. Her funeral will be held tomorrow, Thursday 23 March at 2pm at Alan Drew Funerals, 221 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill, NSW.