Prayer and Praise

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Carolyn has known an Ethnic Thai woman, Cha, for a couple years, however, it has taken some time for them to build a genuine friendship. Carolyn has sought to find ways to connect with Cha regularly and after years of knowing each other, trust is growing. Cha is a widow who lives by herself and works very hard to provide for herself through her vegetable farm. She goes to the market each Wednesday, so each Tuesday Carolyn spends time with Cha picking the vegetables to sell. Cha deeply appreciates this and as they pick the vegetables, they talk about life and Carolyn weaves in stories from the Bible and shares about her faith. Carolyn and Dema are praying that Cha’s heart will be open to receive the Good News. 
For Prayer: 
  • That God’s Spirit will be at work in Cha’s life and using Carolyn to share the Good News
  • For Carolyn to have the words and the cultural understanding she needs to share Jesus in a way that makes sense to Cha and other Ethnic Thai friends


Phil was very encouraged to recently meet a man who is part of one of the first self-help groups set up by our partner NGO. More than 20 years since the group formed, and long after the NGO staff handed over responsibility, the group is still running. The men have experienced the benefit of being part of the group and have connected with other groups in the area to form a stronger community voice. Additionally, through connecting with local NGO staff who are followers of Jesus, some members in the community have chosen to follow Jesus as well. We praise God for this wholistic transformation.  

Following years of study, Phil is excited to have completed his course in community development. This study directly relates to his work in South Asia and has further equipped him for his ministry. He is also very grateful to have received his visa extension after an involved and tedious process. 
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for the long-term physical and spiritual transformation that is taking place for individuals, families and communities in South Asia
  • That Phil and other believing NGO staff will continue to have opportunities for faith sharing conversations with local friends
  • For Phil to implement and build on what he learnt through his community development studies


Pat and Joy have lived in South East Asia for three months and are progressing well with their culture and language learning. They have begun telling stories through picture books and one of the books their language nurturer chose for them was about Ramadan. In South East Asia, Ramadan is more than a religious event and impacts all aspects of community life. The book prompted lots of questions and Pat and Joy are thankful for the way their language nurturer shares openly with them about her life, language and culture. They are also thankful for the provision of a home for them to move into soon. It’s in a good location and they can already see its potential for themselves and others. 
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for the way Pat and Joy’s language nurturer is generously sharing her culture and community with them, enabling them to better relate to other local people
  • That even in their early stages of culture and language learning, they will have moments of encouragement and connection each day   
  • That their home will be a place of welcome, relationship building and faith sharing
  • For more workers to be raised up to join the harvest field 


David and Eliza have now returned to the Silk Road Area for their second term of service. Their months in Australia were busy will lots of travel and many speaking engagements. In returning to the Silk Road Area, they have felt warmly welcomed by the community with many people stopping them in the street to ask where they have been and welcome them back. They’ve enjoyed reconnecting with local friends and neighbours, and settling back in. The block across the road from their home has become available for purchase and they believe it would make an excellent site for David to build a workshop for his Agricultural Innovation project. They are excited about this possibility and are currently negotiating the purchase of the block. 
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness that David and Eliza and their children have arrived safely in the Silk Road Area and been welcomed by local friends 
  • That the whole family will know God’s peace and patience as they experience the expected challenges of another cross-cultural transition
  • For the Spirit to open opportunities for David and Eliza to share Jesus with K friends and neighbours
  • For team mates Ben and Petra to arrive safely in Australia for their Home Assignment