Prayer and Praise

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  • YAO
    Ben and Sam recently returned to Mozambique following their home assignment in Australia and are settling back into life among the Yao. They are very grateful for the smooth entry into Mozambique they experienced, especially considering the difficulties they had in receiving their visas and permits when they first joined the team and had to wait in Malawi. As they continue their culture and language lessons, they will also be seeking ways to be further involved in community life. 
    For Prayer:
    • Wisdom as their ministry role within the team continues to develop
    • Relationships with their Yao friends to be re-established well and to deepen 
    On Christmas morning Bill and Pauline joined with one of the communities to celebrate through a nativity play and message from local church leaders. There was a good feeling of joy and unity among the group. While Bill and Pauline are on Home Assignment in Victoria, they are very encouraged to know the faith leaders of one community are still meeting regularly to plan for their Easter celebrations.

    Candidates Mat and Shannon are preparing to serve with them in the Outback, predominantly among the Southern communities while Bill and Pauline support the Northern communities. However, while Mat and Shannon are preparing, Bill and Pauline will continue to travel between all five communities.
    For Prayer:
    • Wisdom to effectively use the limited time they have in each community and protection as they travel  
    • Continued growth among the leaders of each church community 
    • A strong partnership team to support Mat and Shannon so they can serve in the Outback 
    At the end of this week, the local leaders from the faith communities are joining together for a training day led by some of the team. Richard and Maxine will be involved in leading sessions along with Dema, Carolyn, Luke and Belle. Wonderfully, the following day, some of these faith community members will be baptised. These baptisms follow others which occurred earlier this month. It’s such a joy for the team to see some of their Ethnic Thai friends take this step of faith. Maxine continues to teach English and over Christmas had the opportunity to share the story of Jesus’ birth with her students.
    For Prayer:
    • Local leaders to grow in their faith and leadership skills through the training sessions
    • Those who heard the Christmas message to be open to learning more about Jesus 
    • God to continue to work in people’s hearts, especially those being baptised and considering baptism
    Luke and Belle have begun meeting with some of the teenagers from one of the faith communities after they asked Luke and Belle to study the Bible with them. Each weekend, the teenagers come over to their home and discuss Bible stories such as creation and the fall. One of the members of this group is being baptised and has said with conviction, “I have read the Bible for myself and I am convinced that Jesus is God and so I am getting baptised.” Luke and Belle feel that God is revealing Himself to another member of the group who is yet to make a decision towards Jesus.
    For Prayer:
    • Continued openness from the teenagers to learn more about God and what that means for their lives
    • Wisdom and guidance for Luke and Belle as they lead discussions and build relationships with the teenagers 
    As Ben and Petra look for more ways to engage with the community around them, they are excited by recent opportunities that have arisen for Petra to use her Occupational Therapy skills and Ben to begin English teaching classes. 
    For Prayer:
    • Friendships with K people to develop as they have more opportunities to connect with them
    • Wisdom in time management as they balance work within the community and other commitments
    • The Good News of Jesus to be demonstrated through all that the team do and that they will know how and when to proclaim it
  • NEWS
    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Val Beverley for passed away last week. Val served with Global Interaction in Bangladesh from the 1960’s – 90’s. Once in Australia, she returned to Bangladesh often to minister among Garo women. We give thanks for her life of dedication to mission.
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