Prayer and Praise

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    Recently Tara had a conversation with their local home-helper Ibu, about Mick travelling to a nearby village. Ibu appeared nervous to talk about this village. However, as Tara showed genuine interest and asked questions without judgement, she felt free to speak openly about the village being known as a place where traditional healers source their ingredients for charms and ceremonies. This conversation highlighted to Tara that a key foundation for developing meaningful relationships and deep conversation is an attitude of listening.

    Mick has begun teaching English at the Education Foundation. Though he is an experienced teacher in Australia, the teaching and learning culture in South East Asia is very different and he is working on understanding how to best teach within it. They have found a suitable house to soon move into which sits among a group of houses where many families live.
    For Prayer:
    • Mutual trust to grow between Mick, Tara and Ibu, enabling them to have conversations about Jesus and their faith
    • Moving houses will be a smooth process and their new location will offer good opportunities to connect with their neighbours and form good community 
    • Patience and humility for Mick as he learns how to teach well within the B.I culture  
  • YAWO
    When Tim, Mel and their family returned to Malawi following a trip to Mozambique, the Yawo workers were very distressed that the family’s duck had gone missing. As a duck is worth one week’s wage, this was considered a very serious matter by the workers and each of them spoke with Tim to explain how they were innocent and another was to blame. Although the duck’s body was eventually found with no evidence of foul play, the week of blame and suspicion continued to impact the group’s relationships. The event was a good platform for Tim and Mel to share about Kingdom values and how being a believer informs actions and reactions in daily life. Mel is very grateful for the Yawo women from the Bible study group who she supports in running the kids club, now with over 100 children participating.
    For Prayer:
    • Yawo believers to mature in faith and understanding of God
    • Sensitivity to God’s spirit to enable Yawo believers to demonstrate their growing faith through their words and actions 
    • Whole families to turn to Jesus as children and youth learn more through regular programs
  • YAWO
    Last month Ian spent time in Malawi to continue the finalisation of the English-Ciyawo side of the dictionary. This editing stage has been a long and challenging process but Ian is hopeful that it is nearing to a close. While in Malawi, he also took the opportunity to spend time with Yawo friends and faith community leaders. A good friend of Ian’s and chief of the village, Mr S, shared with him about difficulties in his personal life. 
    For Prayer:
    • Productive work as the team works to finalise the English-Ciyawo side of the dictionary
    • Mr S would continue to seek God and be wise leader in the village and faith community 
    • Strength for Jonno and Heather as they relocate from Mozambique to Malawi next month
    Caz recently shared with a friend, Mrs Ni, who had been struggling to fall pregnant, about praying in the name of Jesus. Initially, Mrs Ni thought this was a kind of ritual. Caz explained that rather than being a ritual, it was a matter of faith and trusting in Jesus’ goodness whatever the outcome. The following week, Mrs Ni contacted Caz to say she had become pregnant. 

    Another friend, Mrs Ne, who has been a follower of Jesus for a few years, let Caz know that her sister had given birth and the baby was in a critical condition at the hospital. The family welcomed the prayer Caz offered in Jesus’ name. Soon after, the baby was healthy enough to be released from hospital and Mrs Ne recognised this as a clear answer to prayer.  
    For Prayer:
    • Mrs Ni would be open to the Spirit’s leading and make a commitment towards Jesus
    • Mrs Ne’s family will join her in recognising the baby’s recovery as an answer to prayer
    • Courage for Mrs Ne as she journeys with her family and shares her faith
    Good progress is being made as the team works on establishing an agribusiness course for the B.I branch of the Education Foundation and an aged care course for the S.I branch. The main local partner working with Max on the agribusiness course, recently let him know that she was not able to continue in the role. In May the first aged care training course for nurses will run.    
    For Prayer:
    • Wisdom as the team proceeds with registration and legal requirements of the new courses
    • A local person with the necessary skills to take over the vacant role in the agribusiness team 
    • Team members will be able to receive work visas related to running these courses so they can remain in the country sharing the message of Jesus    
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