Prayer and Praise

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Previous Global Interaction cross-cultural workers in Central Asia, R and B, are preparing to return to serve among the H people. This is very exciting as they have years of ministry experience among this people group and a heart to build relationships and share Jesus. R and B are from Mizoram and seconded to Global Interaction from the Baptist Churches of Mizoram. From the start of September they intended to be in Australia for partnership development before they begin teaching at the University in Central Asia at the start of 2020. However, they are currently still in Mizoram as they are awaiting their Australian visa. 
For Prayer:
  • That God opens doors for R and B’s visa to be processed quickly and without complication
  • For churches and individuals to commit to partnering with R and B prayerfully and financially 
  • For God to be preparing them for ministry and assuring them that, despite the uncertainty, He is in control  


Each week Carolyn helps her friend, Pii Champa, pick fruit and vegetables from her farm for market. Pii Champa’s neighbour, Pa Pun, has also started joining them. As they work together, they chat about their lives and Carolyn is enjoying building deeper relationships with these two women. On one occasion, Pa Pun expressed gratitude to Carolyn for helping with the farm. Carolyn responded that she thanked God for answering her prayers and giving her good friends and Pa Pun was visibly moved to hear Carolyn say this. Dema and Carolyn are praying that over time, these two women’s hearts will be open to seek and find the Truth. 

Dema is grateful to have completed the teaching course he was required to undertake in order to continue teaching at a local school. This qualification will also offer the family a more stable and long-term visa option.    
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for the opportunities Carolyn is taking to build relationships with Ethnic Thai women 
  • For Dema and Carolyn to be sensitive to the Spirit’s promptings as they seek to share the message of Jesus with their Ethnic Thai friends
  • That God’s Spirit will open the hearts of their neighbours and friends and that the seeds sown will bear fruit


Petina has been reflecting that sometimes it’s hard to see the fruit of their labour in Thailand. God calls us to follow Him and faithfully serve Him where we are, however, we don’t always see the kingdom impact of the seeds we are sowing. Over the past months, Petina has had the opportunity to see fruit of her labour and is grateful for God’s graciousness in showing it to her. From friends she has journeyed with in Thailand to people she invested in years ago in Australia, Petina has seen God move in their lives. She is also encouraged by the fact that for each of these people, she was not the only one who invested in them. In each story there were others who were also patiently planting and nurturing seeds. Reflecting on this, Petina is so grateful for the team she serves alongside in Thailand and the faithful partnership team supporting her in Australia. 
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness that God places people in the lives of others to sow and nurture seeds, whether they see the harvest or not                  
  • That God will continue to encourage Petina, giving her glimpses into how He is moving through her faithful ministry 
  • For God’s Spirit to open up more opportunities for Petina to share the message of Jesus with her Ethnic Thai friends


Cam and Kath are currently on Home Assignment and are enjoying visiting churches and small groups as they reconnect with partners and share stories from Mozambique. Kath had the opportunity to spend time with Glenn and Liz in Thailand. Liz and Kath are sisters and Kath loved meeting their neighbours and friends, seeing what their daily life is like and how God is using them among the Ethnic Thai. Although they are serving in completely different locations, cultures and communities, both families are passionate about seeing local people meet Jesus and follow Him in their own distinctive ways. 
For Prayer:
  • That as Cam and Kath share of God at work among the Yawo, people listening will be inspired and challenged to partner with the ministry or join the team
  • That in amongst the busyness of their Home Assignment, the family will have time to rest and rejuvenate physically and spiritually for their coming term in Mozambique
  • For Cam and Kath to receive the full support they need in order to return in January as planned