Prayer and Praise

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The team in Thailand recently held a Leadership Training weekend for the Ethnic Thai faith community leaders. The spirit world is very real to the Ethnic Thai and the main focus of the training was to equip the leaders with an understanding of what the Scriptures say and how they can respond to this area. As a group they discussed how, as followers of Jesus, they have the power and freedom to overcome Satan and his works. The leaders also appreciated the opportunity to share their joys and struggles with one another. These training weekends are vital for the leaders as they grow in faith, understanding of the scripture and as leaders. Mauna and Villy recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with an Ethnic Thai friend about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. They are praying that the cross of Jesus will make sense to their friend and he will trust in Jesus.
For Prayer:

  • Thankfulness for the work God is doing among the Ethnic Thai in drawing people to Himself
  • For the ongoing spiritual growth of the local leaders as they teach God’s Word and share their faith within their communities
  • That God’s Spirit will be moving in Muana and Villy’s friends heart, and in their conversations with him and others


Pete and Nomes are gradually becoming accustomed to the rapid change that is constantly occurring in their neighbourhood in Central Asia. Roads, footpaths and even entire market places are completely torn up and re-built in short periods and policy decisions are implemented swiftly and efficiently. Pete and Nomes are finding that within this context of unpredictable change, flexibility and adaptability are crucial. They are reminded that regardless of what the future holds, God has called them to this place as part of His plan for them and the H people. Nomes has begun in her new position as the director of the preschool and kindergarten of the International school, which has enabled them to receive a visa for the coming year. As Pete is no longer studying culture and language lessons at the university, he is seeking a local language nurturer. He is keen to get back into intensive culture and language learning.  
For Prayer:
  • That Pete will soon begin culture and language lessons with someone who is open to developing a meaningful friendship and, over time, conversations about Jesus
  • That as Pete and Nomes meet local people, God’s Spirit will be prompting them to connect with those whose hearts He is already stirring
  • For God to continue to give Pete and Nomes a sense of peace as they live with the unpredictable nature of the country, especially as they will soon be the only team members living in Central Asia 


Craig and Kim have now been in Cambodia for six months and they are amazed at how the time has gone. They feel quite settled, although, of course, still have a lot to learn. They are steadily continuing with their culture and language lessons and are beginning to learn how to tell stories. At this point in their language learning, they do not yet have the ability to share Jesus through words, however they are realising how important their actions are in demonstrating Jesus’ heart. As they treat people with love, kindness, generosity, respect and compassion they are demonstrating Kingdom values that, in time, they will be able to further communicate through Bible stories and conversations. A tuk-tuk driver is taking their children to and from school each day and they are enjoying getting to know him and learning more about Khmer culture through knowing him.
For Prayer:

  • Thankfulness for the way Craig and Kim are daily growing in their ability to live and serve cross-culturally
  • That as their cultural understanding and language skills develop, God will be opening up opportunities for them to deepen their friendships
  • That as a family they will draw close to God and rely on Him


Luke and Rachel have very recently joined the team in Cambodia. They are finding themselves constantly learning lessons, learning how to do things differently and being humbled in their attempts to do simple tasks. They have begun intensive culture and language lessons with a local language nurturer to start to develop their ability to communicate with the Khmer. As they look back over the past weeks, they are grateful for the ease in which they received their visa at the border, the way the team is helping them to settle in and that their children are adjusting to their school.
For Prayer:
  • For Luke and Rachel to understand and retain the cultural knowledge and language they are learning
  • For opportunities for them to build relationships with the Khmer they are connecting with, including their language nurturer who they are spending many hours with each week
  • That God will give them the peace and strength to face the expected challenges of transitioning into a new culture
  • For the team, with its many new members, to grow stronger and stronger as they seek God’s guidance and work together towards their share vision for the Khmer