Prayer and Praise

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This week news from the family shared that harvests are in, the fasting of Ramadan is finished and day to day life in Massangulo has been filled with community celebrations, story sharing, discipleship, school, meetings, some shared sorrows, mystery illnesses, and amid all this, new friends and fun times! The summary of events from Scott and Rebekah culminated in the exciting news that the family is expecting a new “clan member” and for this reason they will return home for a visit in November. 

Please give thanks and pray with us;
  • We give thanks for the wisdom, knowledge and gifts of our cross-cultural workers among the Yawo people of Mozambique and pray blessings upon them as they seek to share stories, conversations and respond to questions that lead to knowledge of Jesus.  
  • We give thanks for the health and wellbeing of the family, and those in their community who are challenged with health issues at this time. 
  • We lift up local Yawo believers and give thanks for their witness to their family, friends and broader community. We pray for their courage and lift up the family of women in Litete as they seek to know more of Jesus.  
  • We give thanks for the news and excitement, in anticipation of a new baby and pray God’s blessing on the family as they return home in November. 


Luke and Rachel have taken time with their children to holiday in America during April. They have returned giving thanks for this holiday in anticipation of the work set out before them as Luke prepares to take on the Team Leader role.They have been visiting many churches and are thankful for the response of those who are partnering with them. In preparation they are mindful of the impact of this transition on their children, they are anticipating the formation of new relationships and they are prayerful of the political situation in Cambodia with the upcoming election, seeking God’s timing for their departure and mobilisation of fellow candidates called to minister among the Khmer people. 
Please give thanks and pray with us:
  • We give thanks for those called to minister among the Khmer people, and thank God for His timing for the mobilisation of new members of this team to arrive. 
  • We give thanks for the generosity of the people and churches who have, and will partner with Luke and Rachel and we ask God to bless those who are called to sow into the ministry among the Khmer people.  
  • We pray for the people of Cambodia in the lead up to the national state election on July 29th, that God’s will be done regarding the leadership of this country.
  • We pray for the family as they seek God’s blessing; spiritually, physically and mentally. We lift up Luke, Rachel and the children Isaac, Tahlia and Michaela that their hearts will be made cheerful to overcome any grief in leaving family and friends. 
  • We pray in advance for Luke and Rachel’s language nurturers . We pray that lessons in culture and language will be blessed for this family to easily and quickly develop the skills and knowledge that will equip them for the ministry set out for them to do. 


Luke and Belle are adjusting to life with a new baby and they have had their work cut out for them. They are in the midst of the rainy season bringing with it dengue fever, and foot and mouth disease runs rampant. Amid all the goings on, a welcomed short-term mission visit from Milton was a mutually valuable experience with all visitors welcomed and inspired.  Luke and Belle will be back in Australia in December this year for their first home assignment and are seeking home stays during their seven month visit, happy house sitters, if anyone has a place for them to stay. The faith community continues to grow, with many baptisms. Some new believers in Jesus will no doubt face greater challenges than others.
Please give thanks and pray with us;
  • We give thanks for the health and wellbeing of the family, for their new baby Judah, and seek God’s continued blessing amid the diversity of health concerns that are prevalent during the wet season.
  • We give thanks for Luke and Belle, and for the fellowship of the team in Thailand. We pray for ease in preparation for home assignment, that Judah’s citizenship and passport application will proceed quickly, and for safe travels and ease of arrangements for accommodation on their arrival home. 
  • We give thanks for new believers, for their names are written in the Book of Life. We ask that nothing comes to deter them, that opposition to their faith be unfounded and we lift up our sister Tong, and that her family will also come to know salvation.  


On July 4th, many believers were praying for the 13 year old son of a staff member of the partner NGO and her husband.Their son was reported missing from a religious teaching school on July 3rd. It is not uncommon for children in South Asia to be kidnapped and sold into slavery. David sent an update to say that the boy had indeed been kidnapped. However, he managed to escape from the perpetrators who had stopped in a neighbouring town and, with the assistance of a local shop owner, who protected him and contacted his parents and we are now rejoicing that he is reunited with his family. David has asked that, as our staff member and her husband are aware that many Australians were praying for them and their son that we continue to keep this family in our prayers.
Please give thanks and pray with us;
  • We give thanks that during times of injustice and distress, that we may come to God in prayer and that He has seen the safe return of the boy to his family.
  • We pray that the answer to prayers for the boy's safe return will have revealed the wonder of our God to this family and they in turn will seek to know more of the one who answers prayer. 
  • We pray for the many innocent children who are sold into slavery, that the perpetrators of these crimes will be thwarted in their efforts.