Prayer and Praise

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    Candidates Pete and Nomes are excited to have reached the full support needed for their first term in Central Asia. They are extremely grateful for the churches and individuals who have committed to partnering with them prayerfully and financially and to God for His provision through them. They are now in the process of applying for their visas and preparing for their departure early next year. Pete and Nomes have been participating in culture and language lessons over the past months. While progress can feel very slow, Nomes was encouraged to be able to grasp the basic content of a group’s conversation who were speaking the language they are learning.
    For Prayer:
    • Thankfulness at God’s provision in bringing together a partnership team for Pete and Nomes, enabling them to serve in Central Asia
    • Final practical preparations to come together smoothly
    • Visa to be received without complication or delay
    • Spirit to be preparing the hearts of H people to hear the message of Jesus from the team
    The church Milard and Joyce lead recently held a retreat. This was a fruitful time of worshipping God, enjoying fellowship together and getting into God’s Word. They were excited to celebrate the baptisms of some church members at the retreat and also to welcome many new people who were not followers of Jesus. A young Australian man has joined Milard and Joyce and is currently leading the growing youth ministry.
    For Prayer:
    • God would continue to prompt new people to seek Him
    • New people attending the church would be open to developing deep friendships and hearing the Gospel 
    • Lives of young people will be transformed as they grow in their understanding of God 
    Candidates Tristan and Megan have returned to Australia following a short, but encouraging, trip to Cambodia. It was reassuring for them to get an understanding of what their lives will look like in Cambodia and feel confirmed in their call to serve among the Khmer. Tristan and Megan continue to share at churches and invite others to partner with them prayerfully and financially.
    For Prayer:
    • Tristan and Megan will be preparing well, spiritually and practically, for their transition to Cambodia 
    • Spirit to be prompting more people and churches to partner with Tristan and Megan so they can join the team in Cambodia 
    The next couple of months are particularly busy for candidates Daz and Bee as their Bible College semester ends, they complete assignments as well as continuing to share at churches and groups. They are also preparing to hold a fundraising event in November.  
    For Prayer:
    • Guidance for Daz and Bee as they manage their time and commitments
    • Event in November to be a wonderful opportunity to connect with partners
    • More people and churches to join with Daz and Bee and commit to partnering through prayer and giving
    Australian Baptist churches are encouraged to set aside time during the weekend of November 10 – 13 to specifically pray for the least-reached to hear the Gospel in their own language and in a way that makes sense to them. There are still billions of people who have not had the opportunity to hear the message of Jesus and Just Prayer focuses on praying for these people. 
    For Prayer:
    • Churches, small groups and individuals will spend time intentionally praying for the least-reached to hear the message of Jesus
    • God’s Spirit would continue to open the hearts of the least-reached to hear and accept the Gospel
    • More Australian Baptists to respond to God’s call to share His Good News with all people  
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