Prayer and Praise

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    Dema and Carolyn are currently in Australia (SA) on Home Assignment. Their Australian visa is only for three months and during this time they will be reconnecting with supporters and building up their partnership team before returning to Thailand. Andy and Wanda also have a limited time in Australia (VIC) for their Home Assignment before their planned return to South East Asia.
    For Prayer:

    • Time in Australia will be spiritually refreshing and enable them to return to their ministries rejuvenated
    • Partnership teams to be strengthened in good time so there is no delay in their return
  • YAWO
    Sally, naturally is experiencing a mixture of emotions as she adjusts to life in Mozambique and being away from family and friends in Australia. Recently she was taken aback at the honour of being asked to name a friend’s newborn daughter. This generous invitation to be included in her friend’s life led Sally to the realisation that although there is sadness in what she has left behind, she is so thankful to God for placing her in Mozambique and being in a position to share life with the Yawo.
    For Prayer:
    • God’s comfort and joy as she settles into her new home
    • Clear mind and retention of language, enabling Sally to grow in her ability to effectively communicate with the Yawo
    • Sally’s friendships with the Yawo would deepen despite language challenges 

    Craig and Kim continue to visit churches, travelling in their caravan to connect with people and build up their partnership team as they prepare to serve in Cambodia. Over the past months, they have been so encouraged to experience the genuine hospitality and love of the churches they have visited. 
    For Prayer:

    • Continued encouragement for Craig and Kim as they connect with churches and share their story
    • People hearing them share would be moved to consider cross-cultural ministry themselves
    • More individuals and churches would commit to prayerful and financial partnership with Craig, Kim and other Cambodian candidates
    The local people that live near Mick and Tara’s new home are mostly the family of their landlord. Mick and Tara are grateful for the welcome they have received from their landlord and his family. Mick has taken the opportunity to connect with their landlord and Tara has had some good conversations with his wife.  
    For Prayer:
    • Mick and Tara would continue to have positive interactions and conversations with this family
    • The developing friendship with this family would lead to spiritual conversations and an openness to hear about Jesus
    • Healing for Tara who is unwell
    • Wisdom for Mick and Tara as they balance ministry, work and family
    Petra has often let her language nurturer know that she will pray for matters that are concerning her language nurturer. Recently, Petra’s language nurturer spoke about her granddaughter being unwell and Petra said she would pray in the name of Jesus for her. The following day, Petra praised God when she found out the granddaughter was much better. Ben and Petra are still experiencing visa challenges and are presently on a tourist visa which requires them to renew each month. This is tiring and they are hoping to reach a more sustainable visa option soon. 
    For Prayer:
    • Wisdom for Ben and Petra as they consider the next option for visas
    • Sensitivity to God’s Spirit as Petra’s friendship with her language nurturer deepens