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Thank you for partnering with Global Interaction and for supporting our ministry in prayer. Pray Daily is a bimonthly publication sent via post and e-mail. It is primarily useful for individuals, but also good for prayer meetings.

We join together each day to pray that the least-reached people groups of the world will have the opportunity to hear about Jesus and be empowered to follow Him in their own distinctive ways.

Each month we will journey through the Global Interaction Guide, focusing on the lives and needs of each people group and our teams who minister among them. Dispersed throughout the days are prayer points for events happening in the life of Global Interaction.

Short stories about what God is doing through our ministry are included for your interest and prayer. These World Snippets are suitable for use in church bulletins.
If you would like specific information and prayer requests from particular workers or people groups please contact us and we can ensure you receive relevant newsletters. For the most current prayer needs also subscribe to the weekly Hotline e-mail.

Pray Daily Editions

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