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Revised and renewed for three more years, this long-term project continues to change lives of B people through improving food production, sustainable lifestock rearing and farming practices. Improving these techniques leads to increased income for families which changes their future and that of their children. New generations are taught the new techniques, creating longterm sustainable change.

Finding practical, manageable and sustainable ways to improve livestock and food production for consumption and sale is one key way our team is seeing the lives of B people improved. We are excited to see this project continue to run in 2019. Updated details are coming but the foundation remains the same: the team works in actively addressing tangible, practical ways to increase the livelihood of B people. The areas of need have been identified by community groups of B people, in partnership with our partner NGO on the ground.

This project provides focused training and community involvement to increase the technical knowledge and skills of local people in animal raising, small crop production, improved animal feeds, small business management and accounting as well as staff capacity building for facilitating training and monitoring. To-date, more than 18,000 B people have been impacted through rural income generation initiatives.

Gifts to this project are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Budget inclusions:

  • Education sessions 
  • Cattle production (including breed stock, feed, shelter and vaccinations) 
  • Fish cultures (raising hatchlings to fish so they can be sold for income) 
  • Vegetable production for higher yield crops (for consumption and sales)
  • Kitchen gardens (for families to be self-supporting) 
  • Small enterprise development 
  • Overhead costs including maintenance, auditing and resources
  • Wages for training personnel

By investing in this project you are directly impacting the lives of thousands of B people and enabling them to experience wholistic transformation.

Important Note

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