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Thank you all for your generous donations toward the Education Foundation in 2017. This project continues to thrive and see huge impacts in the lives of B.I and S.I people with the help of your support.

There is currently an urgent need for support for the Teaching Space project that will help see the Education Foundation expand and the Café and Environmental Improvement project grow and come together in the same location for greater collaboration and strategic opportunities. Please consider supporting it here >>>
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There are currently two branches of the Education Foundation which offer education to local people from low-socio-economic backgrounds. Our team serves in these two branches to improve the standard of living for both B.I and S.I people.

Training is focused on upgrading vocational skills in areas such as language acquisition and teaching, and practical life skills such as budgeting, computer training and organisation, to enable individuals and families to wholistically improve their standard of living, benefiting their entire communities. The team is seeking and taking new opportunities to become more involved in the local communities as the Education Foundation becomes known and trusted. 

Gifts to this project are TAX DEDUCTABLE.​

Key areas for funding:

  • English Training Program $3,300 - Providing highly subsidised English programs to local people, improving employment prospects. CSR programs for upgrading skill levels of government community workers. (B.I and S.I people)
  • Language Nurturer Training Program $5,500 - Providing language teaching skills training and awarding of certificates to low income/no income people. As a result, these people have the potential to be employed as language teachers for expatriates and local people.  Funds will be used to: provide language teaching skills training; travel expenses for travel from B.I to S.I areas; staff retreat and curriculum workshop; regular evaluation and assessment of teacher development. (B.I and S.I)
  • Culture and Language Training Program $3,300 - Providing employment to local people from low income families, providing key ministry skills to cross-cultural workers. (B.I and S.I people)
  • Institutional Development Program $11,000 - The Education Foundation now employs around 25 local people, with the potential to develop further education programs and to expand current ones. This process requires institutional development and training, including meeting new government regulations.  Funds will be used to: provide human resource training to local staff; development of a professional website; development of online distance learning courses; financial/accounting consultant fees; further upgrading of computer hardware and software systems; development and printing of marketing materials. (B.I and S.I people)
  • Aged Care Training Program $11,000 - Aged care is a growing need in this country, but few institutions are addressing the need.  Our team along with local partners have the approval and encouragement of the government to promote programs in this area. Over the past year we have developed training modules and trained some local staff. Project funds will be used to trial some training programs for local health care workers and community programs offering practical care and prayer for the elderly. This is a great way to demonstrate the love of Jesus in practical ways, and to develop relationships in local communities. (S.I people).
  • Agribusiness Program $13,200 - The team has developed good relationships with several village farming communities, and has the support and encouragement of the local government to provide practical assistance to these communities. This program is designed to help empower local farming communities in improving their farming practices, identifying potential new crops, adding value to their products through local processing and packaging, distribution, marketing, and finding more profitable markets for sale of their products. In the midst of this, workers are able to share about God’s concern for these communities, demonstrated in the person of Jesus. Funds will be used for equipment and training resources, local staff employment costs, running training programs, and purchase of high quality seedlings/plants, including for mango trees. (B.I people)
  • Rental Costs  $11,000 - Renewal of office rental and expansion of classroom space to meet growing demands for courses and to open new courses. (B.I and S.I people)
  • Government Registration and Operational Fees $3,300 - Used for ongoing accreditation of the two branches and provision of work visas for team members. (B.I and S.I people) 
Gifts to this project are TAX DEDUCTABLE.​

Your support will enable courses to be run that specifically address the local needs, develop skills in the community and build lasting relationships for the team with individuals.  

Important Note

Each project item is a small part of a larger program of community transformation. The values listed are an estimate of how much each item costs within the broader program. If your selected project item is already fully funded when your gift arrives, we will allocate your gift to items that fulfill a similar purpose. All care is taken to ensure project and gift information on this website is accurate and up to date. However, project information may change without notice. If you wish to discuss your project choice, call the Project Coordinator (03) 9819 4944 or email