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Project Code: ABwh410

This project is to provide team support for Bill and Pauline and additional pastoral support for the Southern Communities of Yuendumu, Ali Curung and Willowra, who need extra support at this time. We aim to do this through a volunteer couple, Les and Peggy. This arrangement is in place in 2018 while Mat and Shannon, and their family, raise support and prepare to come serve.

Les and Peggy are well respected by Warlpiri leaders and will support leadership development as an extension of the team’s existing ministry. The main purpose is to increase the sustainability of overall ministry in spite of significant travelling distances to enable Bill and Pauline to be supported and be able to provide focused ministry and training among the Northern Communities of Kalkaringi and Lajamanu. They have done an exceptional job looking after all five communities but currently a greater pastoral support and presence is needed among the Southern Communities and with Les and Peggy’s ability to focus in this area for longer periods of time, it will make the whole team ministry even more effective and will release Bill and Pauline to focus their ministry again.

Les and Peggy are using their own vehicle and driving from Victoria for two extended trips this year (Easter – May and July – August). For them to be able to go, they need to make some adjustments to their 4WD so that it is equipped to drive on the rural Outback roads among our communities.

The project will help cover travel costs to enable them to support our team’s ministry in Outback Australia.

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