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Bill and Pauline recently shared how they’re seeing God changing and renewing lives and the training camps have been part of this story. They have seen growth and maturity in the churches of Kalkaringi and Lajamanu over the past few years through the training of church leaders who are putting what they learn into practice within the church and community. These leaders are gaining confidence to move forward in the community, family and workplace. 
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 One of the most effective teaching methods used in the Outback is training camps where church leaders ‘head out bush’. By sitting with leaders of the communities and discussing issues, teaching and encouraging discussion on various Biblical themes, Bill and Pauline are able to empower the leaders to teach in their own language and in their own distinctive ways. They  camp together, enjoy meals together and learn and train together as we continue to see leaders, Baptist churches and Indigenous communities strengthened and grow in faith and unity in Outback Australia.

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Training Camps have been identified as a strong resource for ministry among Indigenous Australians. Your partnership with Bill and Pauline and this project is covering the set up and running costs of these essential camps.

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