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Because of your continued support, the Kyaka Enga Bible Revision team are getting ready to publish the revised translation. They are hoping that this will be possible by mid-2019, to then be able to have them all distributed by the end of 2019!

This project will cover all the costs for 2,000 Bibles to be published and distributed so that the Kyaka Enga people can once again have access to the Word of God in their own heart language. This is one of the greatest gifts and not something to take for granted. God is moving by His Spirit in a renewed phase of people responding to the Good News in Papua New Guinea.

Please note that while we thought the project was close to conclusion last year, we have very recently found out that the cost of paper tripled in 2018 and the team were unable to secure a publisher. Both have increased the associated costs but we are very pleased to say that the team have now found a publisher and final details are being arranged. Costs include printing, shipping and distribution. 

Your support of this project physically puts the Word of God in the hands of the Kyaka Enga people. 

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