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11/4/18 - Sally and Pauline spent time in PNG in January where they saw the team operating tirelessly and extremely well together. During this time 75% of the New Testament was checked! They are returning to PNG during April to finish checking the New Testament and hoping to make significant progress in reviewing the translation of the Old Testament. 

We are so excited to share that the project has received all the funding needed for its completion, thanks to your generosity! Phase two of the project is commencing soon as a project to provide funds for the publication and distribution of the Bible. To support phase two, please click here >>


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The Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea (BUPNG), along with a team of Baptists in the Highlands of PNG and some Australian consultants, worked in 2016 an 2017 to revise the Kyaka Enga Bible Translation. 

The current translation was completed over 30 years ago and there are no remaining copies available. Additionally, many of the terms in the vernacular have changed, meaning that the few copies being used are not readily understandable by the current generation of vernacular speakers. 

This project is an endeavour to ensure that the current Kyaka Enga Bible is updated to be linguistically accurate for this generation of Kyaka Enga people of PNG so they are able to access the Word of God in their own language. Through this new access and understandability, we hope to see their faith strengthened and communities transformed. An intergenerational team of co-translators, facilitators and reviewers have been working together to review and update changes required to ensure the revision produces the most accurate vernacular version while holding firmly to the Word of God.


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Thank you for supporting this project. We are getting so close to seeing it finished which will mean the Kyaka Enga people have access to the Bible written in their own language again! 


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