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Project Code: SIwh701

They are looking to complete this project by mid-2018 so that these important entities – the Café, the Community Environmental Improvement project and the Education Foundation can naturally intersect in their core work and simply be better equipped in their daily operations. This last phase of the project is specifically focusing on rebranding and refurbishing the café to improve the space, make it more welcoming and better able to increase business and engage the community. It will also finalise the teaching space where Education Foundation classes will be held. 

This project will:
  • Rebrand and Refurbish the cafe to create a more welcoming, engaging atmosphere and business
  •  Complete the teaching space for classes run through the Education Foundation
  • Improve facilities for the Community Environmental Improvement program

Gifts to this project are TAX DEDUCTABLE.​

Partnering with this project means you are partnering with our team in their key platforms in South East Asia and seeing each entity grow in capacity and opportunity to further impact lives wholistically.

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