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The Global Interaction team in Mozambique has a vision to empower Yawo communities to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus. As part of that strategy and vision in recent years, the team has been expanding from its main area of Lichinga to now also include the road that leads towards Malawi. Massangulo is a key area along this road where a couple families, and now Sally, have strategically moved to continue serving among the Yawo in both urban and rural areas.  

In 2014 the team celebrated the moving of Scott and Rebekah and their family to live in a village called Massangulo, about 90km away from the team’s base in the state capital of Lichinga. In 2016, with your support to build a house for Cam and Kath and their family, they were also able to move to Massangulo. We are so excited to see this vision growing and becoming realised, and Sally now gets to join the two families in Massangulo. She will continue engaging in ministry through building deep relationships with those around her and particularly walking alongside Yawo women as they come to know Jesus. To do this, though, she needs a house.
While there is the space, there is no suitable housing available for Sally in this location. This means the team need to build another house - this time for Sally! The team hopes to see this house completed by December 2019 so that each of our team in Massangulo have their own space, while living close together, and serving among the Yawo in this area. This house is a smaller one than the previous one and now only needs approximately USD 21,500 from start to finish; however, with the fluctuating Australian Dollar we are trying to ensure our target (AUD 31,000) is accurate and adequate and have set the target at a rate of 1 AUD = 0.70 AUD.
Supporting this project is not only providing a suitable place for Sally to live but also directly supporting the team’s core ministry to see the Yawo of Mozambique follow Jesus in their own distinctive way.

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