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Project Code: YWwh305

The May 2019 Yawo Team Retreat proposes an opportunity for team members, living and working across Malawi and Mozambique, to be refreshed in communion with one another and equipped for responding to the day-to-day complexities and challenges of their ministry.

Living in Malawi and Mozambique, the team is regularly exposed to mental and relational stressors. Working with a culture and people group foreign to their own adds a heightened level of stress for the families, couples and individuals of the team.  In identifying these issues, and recognising a solution, the team would like to engage professional facilitators to deliver specialised training and education in the areas of mental health and marriage relationships. Group training and one-on-one personalised coaching will better equip our team members mentally and spiritually to overcome obstacles that might otherwise inhibit their day to day wellbeing, and relational dynamics. 

We would be so grateful for your prayerful consideration and financial support to engage professional learning and development facilitation to better equip the team in the area of mental health and marriage enrichment. Your investment sows into strengthening team resilience as well as professional and personal development.
Global Interaction, and those who partner with the Yawo team, are aware that team members are consistently faced with diverse challenges associated with subsistence living. Our team bears witness to a certain reliance that comes with faithfully following Jesus, and we believe that life-long learning equips and resources each of them for their life and ministry.

The project covers:
  • Delivery of Professional Training in Mental Health First Aid and Marriage Enrichment
  • Facilitator airfares
  • Accommodation
  • Associated Course Resources
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