The Ethnic Thai of Thailand

Population: 52 million
Main Trade: City - automobiles and automotive parts
Rural - fish and rice
Main Religion: Buddhism, influenced by traditional rituals
Key Challenges: Globalisation, urbanisation and influences from alternative spiritualities
Fact: Depending on which tone you use Khao (pronounced cow) can mean white, rice or the news.


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Living among the Ethnic Thai people

Our work among the Ethnic Thai takes place in two settings, urban and rural. This ministry is marked by a commitment of the cross-cultural workers to following Jesus in all aspects of their lives and inviting others to do the same. To do the latter, the team continually learns about Ethnic Thai culture and language, fosters relationships with its neighbours and shares God’s Word to those who will listen.

There are a number of Ethnic Thai faith communities meeting together regularly and the team seeks to disciple these believers to follow Jesus in a way that is deeply linked to their cultural identity. They empower future leaders and facilitate training to equip them to become faithful witnesses and grow their faith communities.

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