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Ben and Sam's Story

Ben and Samantha, with their children Elizabeth, Anna and Finlay work in Lichinga, Niassa Province, Mozambique with the Yawo tribe. Currently Ben and Sam focus most of their attention on learning the two local languages needed for life and ministry in this region; Ciyawo and Portuguese, and understanding the cultural world view held by the people of this tribe. Time is also spent sharing with Yawo people who do not yet have a knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Over the next few years Ben and Sam will continue to push on with their cultural and language studies. Sam will be teaching their two girls who will be using the WA distance education curriculum. As a family they will be exploring the possibility of participating in a small faith community in Lichinga made up of rural Yawo who have recently moved into the city, as well as visiting nearby villages with the intent of sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Ben and Samantha look forward to seeing Yawo people come to faith and becoming part of a new Yawo faith community.

Donations to these cross-cultural workers are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Prayer Points

  • Pray for Ben and Samantha as they live and work among the Yawo people, that God would protect their family and provide good friendships
  • Ask God to continue to provide Ben and Samantha with a strong partnership team who support them prayerfully and financially
  • Pray for discernment to identify how God wants them to minister to the Yawo people they interact with daily
  • Remember them as they begin culture and language learning, that they would be able to communicate well and see opportunities to share the Good News

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