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Phil's Story

Phil was born in South Asia while his parents were serving as cross cultural workers in the region. This is where he spent the first six years of his life and it has led to an ongoing passion and interest in the issues that the B people face every day.

He has university degrees in the areas of Public Health and International Development, studies that were started in response to a month-long stay in Cambodia in 2005. This trip assisted in identifying a desire to serve people in a practical way and help them improve their lives.

Phil maintained his interest in South Asia by regularly visiting over the last few years. He became familiar with the work being done by the Global Interaction South Asia team through regular contact and spending time volunteering.

Along with learning the local language and culture Phil spends his time working with the partner NGO in South Asia, helping develop and implement essential reporting processes. Through these interactions, he enjoys opportunities to share his faith in Jesus with the B people and empower the believers to share with their friends and families.

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Prayer Points

  • That Phil will be able to thrive in his language and culture learning
  • The he will enjoy each day and see opportunities to share the Good News with the B people
  • That the people of South Asia will hear about Jesus in ways that resonate with them

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