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Ally's Story

Becoming a full-time cross-cultural worker was the last thing on Ally's mind when she first visited the Global Interaction team in South East Asia in 2014. Little did she know how God would use the unique threads of her life to open up new ways for her to serve God.

Ally is of Chinese descent, was born and raised in Malaysia, before moving as an adult, to Australia for education and work. Here in Australia, Ally developed her vocational skills in finance, computing and accounting. All the while she has been an active follower of Jesus worshipping and serving in Sydney.

So with her unique story, Ally travelled to South East Asia as a volunteer. With some local language already in her kitbag she was able to do some basic computer software, accounting training and build the capacity of the local people. Significantly she was also able to build friendships. All of this culminated in a sense of God’s call when our Global Interaction team leader tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to prayerfully consider joining the team long-term.

After two years of exploring, praying, discerning with her church and the Global Interaction team, Ally is now undertaking studies, training and building a partnership support team so that she can join the team in South East Asia.

She is building a partnership team to support her financially and in prayer. If you would like to arrange for Ally to visit your church or small group, please contact the NSW/ACT State Office.

Donations to these cross-cultural workers are TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Prayer Points

  • Hearts of the S.I people to be inclined towards hearing the Gospel
  • Encouragement as Ally studies and prepares to serve in South East Asia

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