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Andy and Wanda's Story

Andy and Wanda, together with their three children, Jackson, Elizabeth and Talitha have been serving in South East Asia among one of the least-reached people groups, the S.I, since 2010. 

Wanda’s background is nursing and education while also being skilled in administration and cooking. She runs a cafe where local S.I people are employed. The cafe is a wonderful platform for relationships to grow and spiritual conversations to take place in a safe environment. Andy is passionate about the environment and works alongside local communities to better manage waste, including recycling of green waste and recovery of landfill waste to produce compost. Through this he has had many good conversations with local people about God the creator.  

Andy and Wanda have developed good language skills and cultural understanding. As their relationships in the community grow, they are looking for opportunities to share the message of Jesus in a culturally relevant and meaningful way. Andy and Wanda’s prayer for their S.I friends is that they will discover the hope and joy found in Jesus.

Donations to these cross-cultural workers are TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Prayer Points

  • Ask God to provide Andy and Wanda with a partnership team who will support them prayerfully and financially
  • Pray for Andy and Wanda’s protection: physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Pray that God will provide more team members willing to commit to serve this people group long term, so that they may come to know Jesus’ love

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Team - Teaching Space and Cafe SIwh701

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