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Daz and Bee's Story

​Daz and Bee have been discerning God’s call to serve cross-culturally for a number of years. Together with their three children, Connor, Ella and Libby, they are excited to be preparing to join the team working amongst the S.I people in South East Asia.

Daz is an experienced Civil Designer and is currently working part time while also studying a Diploma of Ministries at Malyon College in Brisbane. In his spare time, Daz enjoys cycling, bush walking, drinking good coffee and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Daz is looking forward to seeing how his skills and abilities might be used in the cross-cultural context.

Bee has skills in both hairdressing and in the field of Optics. She has been working part time for an Optometrist for 5 years, and is now also studying part time at Malyon College to complete a Diploma of Ministries. Some of Bee’s hobbies include craft, singing, socialising and event planning.

Daz and Bee share a passion to see the least-reached people of the world come to understand the transformative power of the Good News of Jesus. They will spend their first three-year term dedicated to learning language and culture so that they may be effective in sharing the Gospel in a way that makes sense as they build deep genuine relationships with the local people.

They are building a partnership team to support them financially and in prayer. If you would like to arrange for Daz and Bee to visit your church or small group, please contact the QLD State Office.

Donations to these cross-cultural workers are TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Prayer Points

  • Please pray that Daz and Bee are able to keep up with their studies and that what they are learning not only becomes head knowledge, but would sink into their hearts as well.
  • Please pray for their son, Connor, who is recovering from Perthes Disease. Please pray for restored strength to his hip and complete healing.
  • Please pray for God to raise up a partnership team of people to support Daz and Bee both prayerfully and financially.

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Daz & Bee - Health SIdb301

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Daz & Bee - Travel SIdb101

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Daz & Bee - Relationship Building SIdb106

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Daz & Bee - Children's Education SIdb205

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Team - Teaching Space SIwh701

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