Come explore cross-cultural work. Engage. Learn. Discern.

In 2020 Global Interaction is running Global Experience, a program that enables participants to experience important aspects of being a cross-cultural worker at one of Global Interaction's team locations.
Global Experience teaches participants skills for growing language capacity and cultural understanding. It also gives them a six weeks hands-on experience of living with cross-cultural workers in one of the communities we work. During this time, participants grow their language capacity, begin to learn another language and investigate the culture of the community they are living. Global Experience also offers participants exposure to what day-to-day life of a cross-cultural worker looks like.
Global Experience is an accredited tertiary degree or master's level unit. Fee-Help is available for the course component through Whitley College the University of Divinity.

Upon completion of the program, you may be eligible to receive a Graduate Certificate in Divinity.
To participate in Global Experience participants must be available to undertake the Culture and Language Preparation unit, which runs from 27 - 31 January 2020 at in Kew, VIC.
Trip Costs (Approximately) - Includes airfares and in country costs.
Africa - $3,000
South East Asia - $2,000
The Silk Road- $3,000

Tuition Fees
Culture & Language unit (15 point unit)
Undergraduate $1,544
Postgraduate $2,400

Global Experience unit (30 point unit)            
Undergraduate $3,088 
Postgraduate $4,800 

Interested in cross-cultural ministry and want to participate in Global Experience 2018?