Intercultural Worker Update Videos (2020)

Be encouraged and inspired by these updates and stories. To download each video, click the video's title, then click the download button on the page that opens up.
The Ethnic Thai of Thailand
The Yawo of Malawi and Mozambique

Tim and Melanie's Update (contact for password):

Jean-Claude and Joyce's Update

The K people of the Silk Road Area
David and Eliza's Update (contact for password):

Ben and Petra's Update (contact for password):

English Teaching and Friendship Project Update (contact for password):
The Khmer of Cambodia
The B.I and S.I people of South East Asia
Introducing our South East Asia Candidates! (contact for password):

Dave and Caz's Update (contact for password):
Max and Ezzie's Update (contact for password):

Cafe Project Update from Daz and Bee (contact for password):
H people of Central Asia
Pete and Nomes' Update (contact for password):
B people of South Asia
In Step with Jesus - A Reflection from Morris (contact for password):

South Asia Team Update (contact for password):
outback Australia