There are four key options for May Mission Month church giving:

1. Intercultural Teams

First and foremost, we encourage you to financially partner with our intercultural teams. We are a mission organisation who sends people. People are at the heart of our story and especially in this time of global uncertainty, our intercultural teams need us to stick with them. In the midst of COVID-19, the vast majority of our intercultural workers are remaining on the ground, serving among the people groups God has called them to. They are continuing to live out their call of sharing the hope of Jesus among the least-reached.
Information on intercultural teamS >>

2. Ministry Among a People Group

Gifts towards a people group are allocated within that team’s ministry as is most needed at the time. The gift may be allocated to a project, intercultural worker or candidate within that team.
People Group Ministry Information

3. Global Interaction’s Ministry

Gifts towards Global Interaction’s ministry as a whole enable us to direct the gift to the area of most need at the time.

4. Projects

Projects are part of team ministry strategies that ensure our workers can effectively live and serve among least-reached communities. Supporting a project is a tangible way to engage with intercultural mission. Ministry and development projects are key aspects of our intercultural teams’ ministries and work towards meeting spiritual and physical needs of people in the communities our workers serve among. Support projects are elements of a candidate or intercultural worker’s expenses, vital for their ministry. These projects focus on the elements necessary for ministry to begin and continue effectively.
Project Information

project Pledges

Contact us to let us know of your planned support. This enables us to provide you with more information and gives us an idea of how much support a project is likely to receive. Use the pledge form below or email the project coordinator.

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Project Resources

Please contact us for personalised resources related to the projects your church is partnering with.

Click the links below for video updates on particular projects:
Oral Bible Translation project in Mozambique - MZwh415 >>
Lanternlight Ministries project in Thailand - TOya412 (contact for password) >>
Equipping and Empowering Leaders project in Thailand - TMwh306 >>
Home-School Teachers project in Thailand - THwh207 >>
Cafe project in South East Asia - SEAwh601 (contact for password) >>
English Teaching and Friendship project in the Silk Road Area - KSwh412 (contact for password) >>
Project Overview for the team in Cambodia >>
On the Road Again project in Outback Australia - ABwh411 >>


Hold a fundraising event, book a guest speaker, set up a display. Inform the church and get everyone involved. Contact your State Office for more information, resources and to book a guest speaker.


Individuals can give online through our website (make sure they add the church name in the comments section so the gift is linked to the church's record as well as their individual record.)

Alternatively, the church can receive the funds and transfer to Global Interaction through a direct deposit, post or via the website. We can send individual receipts to members who have given if you fill and send in the remittance spreadsheet.

For receipts to be issued in the 2020/21 financial year, gifts must be received at our office on or before 30 June 2021.


Pray for the project, the intercultural workers and the impact of the Good News.
Prayer resources


Inform the church about how much you raised and what a difference you have made!