May Mission Month Resources 2021

The full suite of resources for May Mission Month 2021 are currently being developed. These are being created to inspire and engage all ages in mission and Global Interaction's ministry.  
  • Key 'Who We Are' animation (available Feb 2021)
  • Pastor's and leader's notes (available Feb 2021)
  • Filmed sermons (available Feb 2021)
  • Intercultural worker update videos (available March 2021)
  • Missioning podcast (May Mission Month episodes available April 1st, 15th, 29th and May 13th 2021)
  • Children and youth resources (available Feb 2021)
  • PowerPoint presentation template (available Feb 2021)
  • Poster (available Feb 2021)
  • Prayer diary (available Feb 2021)
  • People group photos galleries
  • Giving and projects
  • Logos MMM Black, Global Interaction Colour, Global Interaction Black 
Key Themes for May Mission Month 2021
Four weeks of resources inspired by Global Interaction’s new vision and mission statements and brought to life by stories from Australia and around the globe.
  1. What We See: Vibrant faith communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways
  2. Why: Because nothing matters more than sharing God’s love for the world
  3. How: Through Spirit-led people, humbly contextualising the Good News in every place
  4. Partnering Together: Australian Baptists together in mission