Pastor's and Leader's Guide

The Pastor's and Leader's Guide has been written as a launching pad for pastors and leaders to use as they explore the key passage and themes of May Mission Month 2020 with their churches and small groups.

Key Themes for May Mission Month 2020
Drawn from the short film In Step and explored through the lens of Acts 15:1-29.
  1. Faith not Religion is Central Acts 15:1-4
  2. In Step with Jesus Acts 15:5-11 3
  3. In Step with Others Acts 15:12-21
  4. In Step with God’s Mission Acts 15: 22-29

2020 pastor's and leader's guide

Filmed Sermons

Candidates, intercultural workers and State Office team members are still available and keen to 'speak' at your church. Please contact your local State Office to set this up >>

The sermons connect with the passage and themes outlined in the Pastor's and Leader's Guide. 

Sermon 1: Faith not Religion is Central [Acts 15:1-4]
Scott Pilgrim, Global Interaction's Executive Director
Click here to view and download Sermon 1 [35 mins] >>
Click here to view and download Sermon 1 [15 mins] >>

Sermon 2: In Step with Jesus [Acts 15:5-11]
Melinda Cousins, Director of Ministry Accreditation for Baptist Churches SA
Click here to view and download Sermon 2 >>

Sermon 3: In Step with Others [Acts 15:12-21]
Dan McGrechan, WA State Director for Global Interaction
Click here to view and download Sermon 3 >>

Sermon 4: In Step with God’s Mission [Acts 15: 22-29]
Keith Jobberns, National Ministries Director of Australian Baptist Ministries
Click here to view and download Sermon 4 >>

The Pastor’s and Leader’s Guide for May Mission Month 2020 has been prepared by a team of current and former pastoral and missions practitioners from Riverton Baptist Community Church in WA. Riverton Baptist Community Church has a long history of partnership with Global Interaction and currently has seven members serving as long-term intercultural workers with Global Interaction teams.

Other Resources

Four session video resource exploring what it means to grow and sow as follower of Jesus.

A five week series to explore the passage in Luke 10:1-12. Learning from Jesus' sending of the 72 followers to share the Gospel.


An all age 5 week series exploring how to be Jesus' witnesses to our friends, neighbours, strangers and people in other cultures.

Many Baptist churches around Australia will be using the MOVED multimedia resource during May Mission Month to engage in a whole-church mission focus.


A number of intercultural team members and Global Interaction representatives are available to share with your church about global mission. You could also arrange a Skype call with the intercultural worker you support. Contact your State Office to make a booking.

Creative ideas and prayer

We have a range of resources available for your use:

Giving envelopes

Contact us if you would like a bundle of giving envelopes to hand out to your congregation.


Pictures of intercultural workers, teams or projects for your screen, bulletin or noticeboard are available from your state office.