Missioning is Global Interaction's newly launched podcast! Our first ever podcast series is available now (below) and ready for exploration throughout May Mission Month and beyond. 
This four episode series explores the four key themes of our short film, In Step. Throughout the series, our amazing host Sulari Nielsen (VIC/TAS Young Adults Consultant) chats with people across the Global Interaction family who share stories from all over the world. 

Ep 1: Faith not Religion is Central


Theme: Faith not Religion is Central

Guest: Christoph Ziegenhardt, In Step filmmaker

Story: Christoph shares about the experience of creating the film, being in Malawi and his personal reflections on Babba W, Babba T and Mamma M’s stories (the three believers featured in the film).

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Ep 2: In Step with Jesus


Theme: In Step with Jesus

Guest: Ben, intercultural worker in Mozambique

Story: Ben shares the stories of the Bible story groups he regularly meets with. These Yawo men are all at different stages of their walk with Jesus, but they have one thing in common... they all want to know more!

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Ep 3: In Step with Others


Theme: In Step with Others

Guest: Villy, intercultural worker in Thailand

Story: Villy has nearly 20 years of stories from Thailand but manages to narrow it down to one story. Her and her nusband Muana’s genuine care and love for their neighbours opened opportunities for conversations about Jesus that otherwise wouldn’t have happened (and that’s just the start!).

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Ep 4: In Step with God's Mission


Theme: In Step with God’s Mission

Guests: Kate, preparing to serve in South East Asia and Alice, student discerning God’s leading

Story: God is continually inviting us to partner with Him in His mission and Kate and Alice share their stories of call, discernment and partnering with God to explore this.

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