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In Step is the key resource for May Mission Month 2020. This beautifully produced short film shares the stories of three Yawo believers in Malawi and how God is using the Global Interaction team. Please note, due to the nature of some scenes, parental discretion is advised for young children.

For the protection of the local believers featured in the film, we have password protected the film on this publicly accessible page. Please contact (03) 9819 4944 or for the password. 
Here are some ideas for how to use In Step  with your church:
  • Hold a virtual church movie night to launch May Mission Month over Zoom or similar
  • Play it during a virtual service and facilitate small group discussions about the key themes as an interactive sermon
  • Encourage each small group to watch the film and explore the key themes and passage over four sessions
'In step' short film trailer
Cross-Cultural Worker Update Videos
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