2019 Videos

We pray these May Mission Month videos inspire, challenge and encourage you.
To download each video, click the 'Vimeo' logo in the lower right corner, then click the download button on the page that opens up. Some videos contain secure information and require password protection. Contact your State Office to access these videos.
Cross-cultural worker and candidate update videos will be added as they are received.
'Grow where you're planted, sow where He calls' video series

Episode 1: Grow your Heart

Episode 2: Where you are Planted

Episode 3: Sow Where He Calls

Episode 4: Milestones in Mission 
May Mission Month 2019 Promo 
Cross-cultural team and worker update Videos
Ethnic Thai team

Glenn and Liz - Cross-cultural workers in Thailand

Muana and Villy - Cross-cultural workers in Thailand

Gary and Shirley - Candidates preparing to serve in Malawi

Sally - Cross-cultural worker in Mozambique

Jonno and Heather - Cross-cultural workers in Malawi and Mozambique

Cam and Kath - Cross-cultural workers in Mozambique

Ben and Sam - Cross-cultural workers in Mozambique

Tim and Melanie - Story of hope from Malawi

Ciyawo-English Dictionary Project Update

Khmer team

Rob and Deb - Cross-cultural workers in Cambodia (update for adults)

Deb - Cross-cultural worker in Cambodia (update for kids) 

Luke and Rachel - Cross-cultural workers in Cambodia

Tristan and Megan - Cross-cultural workers in Cambodia

Andy and Cathie - Candidates preparing for Cambodia

B.I and S.I people team update from Dave

Max and Ezzie - Cross-cultural workers in South East Asia

Daz and Bee - Cross-cultural workers in South East Asia

H people team update from Pete and Nomes

B people team update from Morris

 Ben and Petra - Cross-cultural workers among the K people

Mat and Shannon - Cross-cultural workers in Outback Australia