Children's Resources

The children's resource for May Mission Month 2020 is an four session series for primary aged children. It is built around the key themes from our short film In Step and Acts 15:1-29. This resource has been designed for parents and children to use at home or children’s leaders to use as part of their digital activities on a Sunday.

2020 children's resource for may mission month

Sessiom Themes for the 2020 Children's Resource
Drawn from the short film In Step and explored through the lens of Acts 15:1-29.

  1. Faith not Religion is Central Acts 15:1-4
  2. In Step with Jesus Acts 15:5-11 3
  3. In Step with Others Acts 15:12-21
  4. In Step with God’s Mission Acts 15: 22-29
Throughout the month we encourage you to help your children to connect with Global Interaction’s work among least-reached people groups. The website has a lot of information or you can contact your State Office to connect with workers in your state.
Ideas for Connecting with Global Interaction’s Ministry:
  1. Explore a map and find out more about the country and people
  2. Send a letter / email to an intercultural worker or their children
  3. Find a project to support
  4. Pray for a particular people group or worker
other children's resources:
Grow where you're planted, sow where He calls
The first session relates to 'Grow Where you're Planted' and draws from the Parable of the Sower. The second session builds on this and relates to 'Sow Where He Calls' and draws from the Great Commission. 

Culture Focus
This children's series has activities and information about each least-reached people group Global Interaction intercultural workers serve among.