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Status of Global Mission 2012 - IBMR 2012

*** Bacon - What is a God-given assignment - EMQ 2011

Barker & Campbell - Pocket compass and google earth - Resonate 9 Blair - Xposed - Vision 2011 Flemming - Contextualization in the New Testament - 2005 Higgins - Stop the injustice - Resonate 3
Code breaker passage Bell activity Bell colouring page Ordinary people in mission
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Bible reference
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**Note: We are waiting on permission to make this prayer available on this website. Contact for a copy to be emailed or access in the book ‘We hear and speak’. W. Breuggemann, Prayers for a Privileged People, Abingdon Press, Nashville, 2008.

***Note: We regret that since printing the Resource Guide, permission to provide the article: D Bacon, ‘What is a God-given assignment?’ Evangelical Mission Quarterly, Jan 2011, pp60-65 has been denied by the publisher. Please email to have a copy emailed or posted to you,
or alternatively access the article from the EMQ website.