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Churches may decide to purchase the resources from their budget, or pass on the cost of the booklets to the members in small groups. To minimise postage costs, we encourage one order per church rather than each small group from a church ordering separately.

Refund not available.
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The costs of making a resource like this are significant. Even with the generous support of our partners, we still won’t cover costs. Please support this project (and future projects) by purchasing the resources you need, and avoid burning DVDs and photocopying booklets.
As a guide, a medium sized church may use:
  • Three extra resource guides for use by children’s, youth, mission team leaders or other preachers ($45)
  • One DVD each for five small groups ($100)
  • One booklet each for ten people in each small group ($225)
  • Total = $370
Option 1:
Download an order form to mail.
Option 2:
Call 03 9819 4944 to order over the phone with credit card or direct debit.