Missioning is Global Interaction's podcast. Through the podcast we hear stories from diverse global and local mission contexts and grapple with big issues of mission, contextualisation and call.

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Theme: Humbly Contextualising the Good News

Guest: Dave, Intercultural Worker in South East Asia

Story: This is the third episode in our 2021 May Mission Month series and connects with the theme of 'Humbly Contextualising the Good News'. Dave, Team Leader of our South East Asia team, shares exciting stories of how God is using the team's Education Foundation to bring people into the Kingdom. He also shares a wonderful framework for living missionally in any context. 

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May Mission Month Podcast Series 

Vibrant Communities...
1. Following Jesus in their own distinctive ways (with Melanie, Malawi) - Listen Now!
2. Sharing God's Love (with Cathie, Cambodia) - Listen Now!
3. Humbly Contextualising the Good News (with Dave, South East Asia) - Listen Now!
4. Partnering Together (with Shannon, Outback Australia) - released May 13

Ep 16: Sharing God's Love [May Mission Month 2021]


Theme: Sharing God's Love

Guest: Cathie, Intercultural Worker in Cambodia

Story: This is the second episode in our 2021 May Mission Month series. Cathie has been living and serving as an Intercultural Worker in Cambodia for just over a year. She and Andy are in the early days of their Khmer language learning. In this episode Cathie explores how despite their currently limited Khmer communication skills, they are finding ways to share God's love with their neighbours and friends.

Ep 15: Vibrant Faith Communities [May Mission Month 2021]


Theme: Vibrant communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways

Guest: Melanie, Intercultural Worker in Malawi

Story: In this first episode of our 2021 May Mission Month series, Melanie shares about the sisterhood of Yawo women that she has been journeying, growing and learning alongside for the past decade. Listen and be encouraged in your own faith and walk with God.

Ep 14: Kingdom Gardening


Key Themes: Loving your neighbour, humility and creation care

Guest: Geoff Maddock, Global Interaction VIC/TAS State Leader

Story: Geoff knows the power of plants! In Lexington, Kentucky (US), he witnessed the way community gardens bring people together, break down barriers, demonstrate Kingdom truths and open opportunities to share God's love. In this episode, Geoff shares stories and reflects on what he's learnt over the past decades of neighbourhood mission. 

Ep 13: Foundations


Key Themes: Foundational principles, authentic relationship and life long learning

Guest: R, Intercultural Worker preparing to return to Central Asia

Story: What principles underpin the way you do mission? In this episode, R explores the values that inform the way he builds relationships and shares Jesus.


Ep 12: Missional Living

Key Themes: Neighbourhood mission, listening to God and next generation engagement

Guest: Sulari Nielsen, Global Interaction's Next Generation Specialist

Story: Jumping across decades and continents, Sulari steps back from her regular role as Missioning host to share her journey of mission. 


Ep 11: Side by Side


Key Themes: Long-term, prayer and authentic relationships

Guest: Scott, Intercultural Worker among the Yawo of Mozambique

Story: Scott and Bek have been serving with Global Interaction in Mozambique for eight years. In this episode, Scott shares the journey that he, Bek and team have been on with their friend Mussa and his family. Listen for a conversation full of hope, God at work and laughter.

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Ep 10: Sowing and Reaping


Key Themes: Long-term, authentic relationships and teamwork

Guest: Ben, Intercultural Worker in the Silk Road Area

Story: Ben shares the story of Mrs K, a local friend who has been connected with the Global Interaction team for many years. Over that time, team members have faithfully sown into her life, building trust and sharing the Good News. We praise God that Mrs K has now taken significant steps towards Jesus!

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Ep 9: The Power of Prayer


Key Themes: Prayer, trusting God and following His leading

Guest: Liz, Intercultural Worker in Thailand

Story: Liz shares an inspiring story of God at work in the life of her friend Bae. Prayer underpins Bae's journey of coming to faith in Jesus. Listen to be encouraged that your prayers for Global Interaction's ministry make an eternal difference.

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Ep 8: Exploring Contextualisation


Key Themes: Contextualisation, culture and local mission

Guest: Cat Lacey, mission-minded young adult

Story: Cat returned from a few years in Thailand with more questions than answers. In conversation with Sulari, Cat shares her grapplings around contextualisation and what this means for mission everywhere.

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Ep 7: Life in Community


Key Themes: Journeying with people, cultural immersion and depending on God

Guest: Deb, Intercultural Worker in Cambodia

Story: Deb shares about life and ministry among her Khmer neighbours. God is opening opportunities for connection, cultural understanding and faith sharing. Listen to be encouraged that God is at work... in Cambodia and in your local community. We just have to partner with Him!

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Ep 6: Good Neighbours

Key Themes: Being a good neighbour, mission in our own backyard and the injustice of the least-reached

Guest: Scott Pilgrim, Global Interaction Executive Director

Story: Scott shares stories and missional lessons he's learnt as a pastor, Bible teacher and leader. Listen to be encouraged of God's love for the world and how you can be a partner with His mission wherever you are.

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Ep 5: Building Authentic Relationships


Key Themes: Building relationships, listening well and contextualisation

Guest: Pete, Intercultural Worker in Central Asia

Story: Pete has been serving in Central Asia for a few years and is building a strong relationship with Mike, a local H man. God's hand is evident all through Pete's story. Listen to be encouraged of God's activity around the world and leave with practical ways to engage with your local community.

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Ep 4: In Step with God's Mission

Theme: In Step with God’s Mission
Guests: Kate, preparing to serve in South East Asia and Alice, student discerning God’s leading

Story: God is continually inviting us to partner with Him in His mission and Katrina and Alice share their stories of call, discernment and partnering with God to explore this.

Episode Resources:

This is episode four in a four episode series exploring the key themes of our short film, In Step.

Ep 3: In Step with Others


Theme: In Step with Others

Guest: Villy, Intercultural Worker in Thailand

Story: Villy has nearly 20 years of stories from Thailand but manages to narrow it down to one story. Her and her nusband Muana’s genuine care and love for their neighbours opened opportunities for conversations about Jesus that otherwise wouldn’t have happened (and that’s just the start!).

Episode Resources:

This is episode three in a four episode series exploring the key themes of our short film, In Step.

Ep 2: In Step with Jesus


Theme: In Step with Jesus

Guest: Ben, Intercultural Worker in Mozambique

Story: Ben shares the stories of the Bible story groups he regularly meets with. These Yawo men are all at different stages of their walk with Jesus, but they have one thing in common... they all want to know more!

Episode Resources:

This is episode four in a four episode series exploring the key themes of our short film, In Step.

Ep 1: Faith not Religion is Central


Theme: Faith not Religion is Central

Guest: Christoph Ziegenhardt, In Step filmmaker

Story: Christoph shares about the experience of creating the film, being in Malawi and his personal reflections on Babba W, Babba T and Mamma M’s stories (the three believers featured in the film).

Episode Resources:

This is episode four in a four episode series exploring the key themes of our short film, In Step.