Resonate Talk
Connected with Edition 34 of Resonate magazine, 'The How? Issue'.
This interactive small group study guide explores the themes of authentic relationships and faith sharing over a two episode series. To use this resource with your small group, follow the instructions in the leader's guide and print out a copy of the activity sheet for each participant.
Resonate Talk: Leader's GuideResonate Talk: Activity Sheet (print one per participant)
Episode 1 | Authentic Relationships Episode 2 | Faith Sharing
Connected with Edition 33 of Resonate magazine, 'The Context Issue'.
Join Cathie, a candidate preparing to serve in Cambodia, as she explores the 'what' and 'why' of contextual mission... and is challenged to put her new knowledge to the test.

Context | Episode 1

Context | Episode 2

Episode 1 individual conversations:
Conversation with Pip (6 minutes) >>>‚Äč
Conversation with Pip (3 minutes) >>> 
Conversation with Simon (5 minutes) >>>
Conversation with Simon (3 minutes) >>>

Episode 2 individual conversations:
Conversation with Andy (6 minutes) >>>
Conversation with Andy (3 minutes) >>>
Conversation with Ian (7 minutes) >>>
Conversation with Ian (3 minutes) >>>