​Faith in Jesus - Malawi

Wednesday 02 Oct

God speaks through His Word.

Each week, team member Tim visits a village and spends time with a group of Yawo seekers and believers. Together they hear and discuss Bible stories. One day Tim shared the story of the Roman Centurian whose servant is unwell (Luke 7). The Centurian believes that Jesus has authority and that His words carry power. He knows that as a Centurian, he can tell those under him to do something and it will be done. So, instead of asking Jesus to come to his home to heal the servant, he asks Jesus to just say the word and he trusts his servant will be healed.

A young Yawo man, Mr M, heard this story and was struck by the parallels with his own story. Years ago he was in a serious accident which left him in hostpital, far from his home, for six months. He kept taking medicine, but it was ineffective and he didn’t get better. While he was in hospital, some believers came to pray with him. From that point he was healthy and no longer needed any medicine. He shared, “Since then, I have praised God!” When Mr M heard the story of the Centurian, he saw that the Centurian was from another tribe and religion, however, because of his faith in Jesus the servant was healed. Similary, the people who prayed with Mr M were from another religion and language and becuase of their faith in Jesus, he was healed. Praise God that following that encounter, Mr M chose to put his faith in Jesus too and was baptised with other Yawo believers! 

Pray for God to continue to speak through His Word to the Yawo believers and for more Yawo people to meet Jesus as their Messiah.         « Back to News