Tuesday 01 Sep

Mr. Ant has just completed a literacy course and asked to buy a Ciyawo Bible.

Mr. Ant a respected leader and chief of his community in Malawi along with 27 others from his village are learning to read and write. Mr. Ant initiated the literacy program (funded and run by Global Interaction) after expressing to crosscultural worker Ian his desire to read the Word of God. He would attend Bible studies with Ian, enjoying what he heard but after a few days Mr. Ant found he forgot the stories and wished to read them again by himself. Local Yawo have also joined the literacy classes so that they can do business, understand instructions on medicine bottles and simply to be able to write their names and read messages on their

Pray for Mr. Ant who has just completed the first literacy course and recently asked to buy a Ciyawo Bible. Pray that as he reads the Word of God he would draw closer to Jesus and that his village would also be transformed. Pray for the Malawi team as they develop friendships and for more people to be interested in studying the Bible. « Back to News