God is Active - Central Asia

Wednesday 21 Feb

Kevin is reminded again that God is already at work.

As Kevin connects with H people, he is regularly reminded that God is already actively at work in people’s lives and preparing hearts to receive the Good News. 

When speaking with an official about a business matter, the conversation turned to life and what happens after life, following questions from the officer. After meeting later at a restaurant and reading the Bible, the woman said that when she reads the Bible, ‘... something is tugging at my heart.’ Kevin was reminded of the truth in Hebrews 4:12, where the Word of God is referred to as sharper than a double-edged sword. 

At another time, Kevin was the only customer in a restaurant when an H student entered and chose to sit opposite him. They H man explained that he had previously had a foreign friend who had returned home and he hoped Kevin would be his new friend. The H man was familiar with stories from the Old Testament and he and Kevin have read some together. 

Both of these new friends are curious to know more about God. Thank God for the way He is actively working in their lives, preparing their hearts to know Him personally and placing Kevin in a position to journey with them. 

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