I Imagine - Malawi

Wednesday 08 Jan

​Candidate Natalie dreams of what life will be like among the Yawo.

Natalie, along with her husband Adam, is preparing to serve in Malawi. Here she imagines what it will be like... “I imagine sitting down on the dusty porch of Yawo women’s homes and being their friend and confidant. I dream of sharing life with them in deep community. I want to form friendships that are deep and authentic enough that Yawo women and I can share our struggles and joys with one another.

We would grieve together over the deaths and illnesses of loved ones, share about the tensions in our marriages or families, harvest maize together, and eat food together. If they want to pray, I want to be there to pray with them. If they are feeling lonely or unloved; I want to tell them how much God and I love them. I want to include them in my family’s celebrations and be included in theirs.

I want to hear the stories and proverbs that have been passed on by Yawo people through generations, and I want to share with them the stories that have been passed on to me about Moses and the prophets and Christ. I want to learn about God with them, reading our scriptures together. I want to share with them about this mysterious, radical and personal being we call Christ; who’s radical love and solidarity with the poor and marginalised upset the religious elite to such an extent that they crucified him. My hope, is that in sharing the radical, inclusive love of Christ with Yawo women, that they will be inspired to love others the way that Christ does, and that through this movement of love: their communities will be transformed.” « Back to News