Monday 01 Feb

Student struggling with insecurity hears that God loves her. 

“Please Father, show me which ones you’ve prepared for your touch,” Intercultural Worker Lulu said as she stood in front of her class with many new faces. A quiet unassuming young woman called Y stood out from the noisy crowd. Lulu felt drawn to her. 

Lulu and Y began speaking out of class asking her for local advice about places to visit and where to purchase specific items. Lulu extended dinner invitations to Y and her friends. Y sat in the background while others chatted, preferring to listen but gradually she spoke to Lulu about her insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.

Lulu shared how much God loved Y, how He honoured her, cared for her and wanted to be her guide. Whenever Y faces any large decisions she now asks Lulu for advice and together they reflect upon a few passages from the Bible. Y is yet to acknowledge God’s presence or His place in her life. Pray that Y will soon come to accept Jesus as her saviour. « Back to News