Prayer and Praise

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Daz and Bee are so grateful that after a long and difficult process, they have each received two-year work visas. They are also thankful for the way God has answered their prayers through the increased busyness of the Café. They are sensing God’s confirmation that they are in the right place and involved in the right ministry.
As they grow in their cultural understanding, they can see more and more how challenging it is for S.I people to accept the Gospel. They are praying for their friends’ eyes to be opened and that they will have the discernment to know how to approach faith sharing opportunities. Daz and Bee are praising God that despite the barriers, people are accepting the truth of the Gospel. Their friend, Mrs L, joyfully shared with them that her friend’s eyes had been opened and had chosen to follow Jesus. Praise God! 
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness that God is actively at work all over the world
  • For those who are blinded to the truth of the Gospel to have their eyes and hearts opened
  • That the team will be sensitive to the Spirit’s guidance as they journey with S.I people towards Jesus


Luke and Belle have had a very full start to their second term in Thailand. In just a few months they have packed up their house in Ban Luang to relocate to the village of Ban Palao, renovated their new house, begun home-schooling and temporarily moved to Chiang Mai for Belle to give birth. By God’s grace and with the wonderful support of the team, everything went to plan and they thank God for the safe arrival of their third son, Isaiah. Once settled in their new village, Luke and Belle will be English teachers at the local primary school which will give them the opportunity to connect with teachers and families. They are praying that God will open opportunities for them to build meaningful relationships and share Jesus with people in the community.
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for the safe arrival of Isaiah and the joy he brings
  • That in their new village, Luke and Belle will build relationships with people of peace who will be open to exploring who Jesus is
  • For many in the village to accept the truth of the Gospel and choose to follow Jesus


Candidates Gary and Shirley are currently teaching at the Baptist Theological Seminary of Malawi (BTSM). They are so encouraged by the students’ enthusiasm for God’s Word. One student, Samson, was born into a Muslim family. As a young child Samson met followers of Jesus who shared with him and as a teenager, he decided to follow Jesus and be baptised. Over time, he saw his mother and some of his siblings come to faith in Jesus and shared his faith with many in his community and surrounding area. Gary and Shirley are prayerfully anticipating that they will begin serving full-time at BTSM next year to support the training and Bible teaching of students like Samson.
For Prayer:
  • That more churches and individuals will commit to partnering with Gary and Shirley so they can serve in Malawi long-term
  • For God to give them the energy and good health they need to teach, mark and invest in relationships over the coming weeks at BTSM


Candidates Andy and Cathie are preparing to serve alongside the team in Cambodia. They are so grateful for the many churches and individuals who are already partnering with them and know that serving cross-culturally is something they cannot do alone. They are prayerfully anticipating being in Cambodia early next year and as they plan for this, they are experiencing God forming them for the transition ahead.
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for the way God is shaping and preparing Andy and Cathie for cross-cultural work among the Khmer
  • For God to be growing their heart and love for the Khmer people
  • That they will receive the full support they need to begin serving in January as planned