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Ministry Story - pete and Nomes, central Asia

"Throughout the course of the year, Pete has continued to meet with Mike for culture and language lessons.He has also been regularly connecting with other H friends over meals and at various other social gatherings. During the summer, as part of his language lessons, Pete has been... READ MORE >> 

Prayer and Praise Points

Wed 13 Oct - Wed 27 Oct

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13 W - Thailand Pray for Liz and Glenn as they establish an English Language Centre in their neighbourhood. Pray that the centre is a place where God’s love is experienced.

14 T - Thailand Glenn and Liz write, “Pray for opportunities to share more with our neighbours about who God is and how His Spirit has the power to redeem lives.” 

15 F - Thailand Praise God that despite restrictions, many of the local believers are able to gather together online to pray for each other and read God’s Word. Pray for protection as they begin to meet in person again.

16 S - Thailand Give thanks for the local faith community leaders. Pray for God’s guidance as they discern how to follow Jesus in their own distinctive ways. 

17 S - Malawi Following COVID delays, Gary and Shirley are very excited to finally book their flights to Malawi. Pray for them as they say their goodbyes and prepare to go.

18 M - Malawi Pray for the ministry of the Baptist Theological Seminary of Malawi, where Gary and Shirley serve. 

19 T - South Asia Give thanks for the incredible contribution Morris has made as Team Leader of the South Asia team. In the coming weeks, Ryan will begin in the role of Team Leader. Pray for the team during this period of transition and give thanks for Morris’ legacy of  passionate service. 

20 W - South Asia Pray for Lisa as she leads our partner NGO. Thank God for her heart for the people of South Asia. Pray for God’s provision in sustaining the life-changing work of the NGO.  

21 T - Outback Australia Pray for Mat and Shannon as they walk with believers in their community. Lift up candidates Beth and Danny as they prepare to serve and begin to grow their partnership team. 

22 F - Outback Australia Pray for more workers to join the ministry of humbly journeying alongside First Nations believers and leaders.

23 S - Papua New Guinea Pray for the country as they face increasing COVID cases and very low vaccination rates. Pray for God’s hand of protection. 

24 S - Papua Pray for the long-term development of faith community leaders. Pray that many will be equipped and resourced to lead. 

25 M - Cambodia Pray for the team in Cambodia as they establish new initiatives among their community, including a cafe and vocational training centre. Pray for God’s wisdom and strong relationships with the local people involved.  

26 T - Cambodia Pray for Rob and Deb as they build relationships with their neighbours. Pray for growing understanding and opportunities to share stories from the Bible. 

27 W - Cambodia Praise God for His activity among the Khmer people. Pray for seekers to connect with our team and for the good news of Jesus to transform their lives.

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