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Prayer and Praise

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Praise God that Pete and Nomes and their three children returned to Central Asia this week! They have had an extended Home Assignment in Australia due to the pandemic and are grateful for the generosity and encouragement they received. They are looking forward to reconnecting with their H friends and sharing the love of God in culturally relevant ways. They will continue learning culture and language so that they can communicate effectively and participate in the H community. Nomes will start a new English teaching role in a bilingual school.
For Prayer:
  • Praise God that Pete and Nomes have returned to Central Asia and pray that God would sustain the family as they spend two weeks in hotel quarantine
  • For significant growth in confidence and ability to communicate in the local language and build relationships
  • That Pete, Nomes and their children would all be able to rekindle their friendships, and that the Holy Spirit would soften the hearts of the H people they know to be open to hearing about Jesus
  • For God’s leading for Nomes as she teaches and builds rapport with people in the school community


David and Eliza serve in the Silk Road Area and have recently been preparing for winter, renewing their visas, managing the English Centre, filling workshop orders and home-schooling their children. At the English Centre, the teachers are enjoying hearing Bible stories and they have been able to find a new teacher for a maternity cover. David and Eliza have also been supporting their K believing friend, Anna, who has recently left an unsafe home situation and is struggling financially. Believers from the city blessed her with money, food and a small oven so she can start a baking business from home. Anna invited her neighbours for a meal to share her testimony of God’s goodness and there are now eight people regularly meeting to sing, talk and read the Bible together! David and Eliza are praying that this is the beginning of something very special that spreads through their village and beyond.
For Prayer:
  • Praise God for the openness of the English teachers to hear and discuss Bible stories and pray that the Spirit will continue to work in their hearts
  • That the new K teacher would fit well into the teaching team and enjoy working in the English Centre
  • For wisdom for David and Eliza as they continue to support Anna and that God would work through Anna as she shares the Gospel with her neighbours
  • For Ben and Petra to soon be able to return to the Silk Road Area and continue sharing the love of Jesus with their K friends


Phil has found the lockdown in Melbourne challenging as he has not been able to connect with friends and churches as planned. However, over the past few months, he has enjoyed the weekly online team meetings and attending Bible studies with B colleagues in South Asia. He has been assisting Morris and some South Asian colleagues with the Bible translation project by preparing an online format. The translation will eventually be available as a smart phone app and, once completed, this will make the B translation of the Bible more widely and safely accessible.
For Prayer:
  • Praise God for the provision of finances and people to help with the online version of the B Bible so that more people will have access to the truth of Jesus
  • For the continued health and safety of the South Asian colleagues as they manage projects and nurture relationships while staying COVID safe
  • For team members Lisa, Ryan and Roger as they take over Morris’ roles and build relationships within South Asia, currently over Zoom
  • Strength for the B followers of Jesus and that God would lead them to friends who they could share Bible stories with.


As candidate Ando waits for the door to open for him to begin long-term ministry in South East Asia, he has been volunteering with an organisation who provide supported accommodation in Melbourne. This season has challenged him to lean into God, seeking His wisdom to walk alongside people going through difficult circumstances. This time with the organisation has taught Ando about humility, community ministry and the value of consistency in relationships as he seeks to walk like Jesus did. Ando is also coaching goalkeepers as well as continuing online language lessons, all in preparation his work in South East Asia.
For Prayer:
  • Praise God for the opportunities that Ando is having to share the truth, hope and love of Jesus with those he is working with
  • Pray for God’s perfect timing as to when Ando can travel back to South East Asia
  • That Ando would grow in culture and language understanding through his online classes so that he will be able to communicate effectively with local people
  • For God to continue to draw the people of South East Asia to Himself and for the team to be ready to share the Gospel as the Spirit opens opportunities