Prayer and Praise

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Dave and Caz are praising God for the way He is at work through the team’s platforms. A few weeks ago, one of the coordinators at the Education Foundation was baptised after taking steps towards Jesus for the past six years. She is a gifted leader and the first believer from her extended family and community. The Creation Care work continues to grow and impact communities. Over the past few months, eight people connected with the work have come to faith in Jesus! Additionally, small groups are gathering to read the Bible and pray together. The café is also growing and the team is experiencing an increased spiritual openness among the staff.
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for God’s hand over the team’s work and the way He is opening opportunities for relationship to grow and meaningful conversations to occur
  • For the new believers to grow in their faith and share the hope they have in Jesus with their family and friends  
  • That Dave, Caz and the team will have wisdom as they respond to the pandemic with measures such as teaching students online  


Scott and Bek feel so privileged to be part of what God is doing among the Yawo. They can see His hand at work through people wanting to hear God’s story, gather together to read His word, wrestle with complex spiritual issues and pray. They are seeing faith grow. Some of the Yawo men who built Sally’s house are now continuing to work on another project with Scott. After many months of spiritual conversations, Scott started reading the Bible with them weekly. However, after the first day they were so keen that they told him they didn’t want to wait a week but would like to read and discuss the Bible every day! Scott and Bec are particularly encouraged to know that they are reading the Bible themselves, even when Scott isn’t able to join them.
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness that the team has an overwhelming sense of God moving among the Yawo
  • That God’s Spirit will continue to be at work within the hearts of the builders as they engage with His Word
  • For community leaders, and the team working with them, to prepare well for the impact of COVID-19, making appropriate changes to community life in order to protect the vulnerable


Ben and Sam are currently in Western Australia for their Home Assignment and are so grateful for all the individuals and churches who are sticking with them through this uncertain time. Over the coming months they are excited to keep connecting with churches, small groups and partners through lots of video chats, newsletters and videos. The method of communication is different, but their commitment to journey with their partners is the same. While the timing of their return is currently unclear, they are looking forward to returning to Mozambique to serve among the Yawo and continue to share the Good News, build authentic relationships and journey with Yawo believers as they discern what following Jesus in their own distinctive ways looks like.  
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for Ben and Sam’s heart for mission and love for the Yawo people
  • That as they share their stories from Mozambique, God will use their words to grow the hearts of many to be more like Him


Rob and Deb are in Australia on Home Assignment. While the need for social distancing has changed the way they connect with their partners, they are very grateful for the technology that is enabling them to continue building relationships and sharing stories. They have also been encouraged by stories that their partners have shared with them about how God has been at work in their lives. Rob and Deb are praying for God to give them the flexibility and creativity they need to continue to meaningfully engage with their partners during this time. 
For Prayer:
  • Thankfulness for Rob and Deb’s continued opportunities to share stories of God at work in Cambodia with their partnering churches
  • That the stories they share will encourage their partners to keep faithfully praying for the ministry among the Khmer
  • For the team remaining in Cambodia to be filled with wisdom and compassion as they seek to appropriately respond to the impact of COVID-19 in their community