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Prayer and Praise

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Tobias and a team of Yawo translators, transcribers and back translators are commencing work on an Oral Bible Translation in Mozambican Ciyawo, which will also be accompanied by a printed version. Through this project Yawo people who cannot read or prefer oral storytelling will be able to listen to the Word of God in their own heart language. The project team has now been finalised and includes Yawo men and women from the city and rural areas, some chosen due to their current abilities and others because of their clear potential and willingness to learn. Tobias will be the project coordinator and be supported by an external consultant.
For Prayer:
  • That God’s hand of blessing will be on Tobias, the project and the local team
  • For God’s wisdom for Tobias as he leads this project and for His grace in dealing with the joys and challenges that will come as the team work together
  • For generous partners to financially support this project so that the Yawo of Mozambique will have a Bible that speaks to them in their heart language
  • That God will be preparing the hearts of the Yawo who will hear the Word of God in the future and be ready to respond to Jesus’ invitation to follow Him


Pat and Joy have had an extended time in Australia and are waiting to return to serve among the people in South East Asia. They have been able to stay connected online with their two language nurturers from different people groups, and are growing in their understanding of the culture, language and their differing perspectives. They are also participating in some shared experiences online including cooking lessons with a local woman. This is providing them the opportunity to 'enter' into each other’s homes and chat openly about life despite the physical distance.
For Prayer:
  • Praise God for the openness of the people in South East Asia to talk about life, struggles and faith which creates opportunities for Pat and Joy to build relationships
  • Pray for continued growth in culture and language understanding so that Pat and Joy can connect deeply with local friends and share the hope they have in Jesus
  • For the Spirit’s leading for Pat and Joy as they look for opportunities to partner with God and share His love within their community in Australia
  • For the team in South East Asia as they encourage new believers in their faith and for courage for those deciding to take the step of baptism


Petina has returned to Australia for Home Assignment and is busy sharing about her ministry with churches and small groups. Before leaving Thailand, her friends and teammates threw a farewell party. Team Leader Muana shared from the Scriptures and prayed, then her Ethnic Thai friends had the opportunity to share some thoughts with Petina. It was a memorable event which was deeply encouraging and joy-giving for Petina and a reflection of the depth of friendships she has formed during her ministry.
For Prayer:
  • Praise God for the special celebration and the opportunity to farewell her friends and pray for the team in Thailand as they continue to share the love of God in this context
  • For God’s peace and soul refreshment as Petina spends time in Australia to rest and prepare for another term sharing the Gospel among the Ethnic Thai
  • That as Petina connects with her partnership team, they would be encouraged by the stories of God at work among the Ethnic Thai and prompted to consider their response to God’s call


Ryan and Suzie are candidates preparing to serve in South Asia. Ryan finished in his role as Global Interaction VIC/TAS State Director in March and has since visited South Asia and begun culture and language learning online. Suzie is continuing her physio work and is studying a Masters in Palliative Care. Their first term serving with the team in South Asia will be Australian-based with Ryan traveling with Morris a few times a year to learn from him and transition into the Team Leader role. Ryan and Suzie are seeking to connect with a B person in Victoria to meet with each week to grow in their abilities to communicate in the South Asian context.
For Prayer:
  • Praise God for Ryan and Suzie’s willingness to step out of their comfort zones and serve God among the B people
  • For God to lead them to find a suitable culture and language nurturer who lives near them in Australia
  • For a strong partnership team to come alongside Ryan and Suzie as they prepare to share the Gospel of Jesus among the Muslim B community
  • For the Holy Spirit to encourage the B believers while the team is in Australia and that they will have wisdom as they seek to share their faith with their friends