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Prayer and Praise

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This week there will be a change of CEO for our partner NGO in South Asia. After 25 years, Morris, the founding CEO will hand over the reins to Lisa. This is a change that Morris and others have worked towards for several years and is essential as part of the long-term growth and development of the NGO. In the short term, there will be some uncertainty among some of the B leaders as they will no longer deal directly with the person who has been their Australian partner for so many years. The NGO is locally led and runs a wide range of development projects.
For Prayer:
  • Give thanks for Morris’ decades of faithful leadership of our partner NGO and the ways in which he will continue to make a difference in the coming years
  • Praise God for building a team of people passionate about serving among the B people
  • That the NGO leaders will have wisdom and patience during this time of transition
  • For Holy Spirit’s leading and strength as the local believing staff begin each workday by studying God’s Word


From July to October, devout Buddhists enter a period of increased spiritual practices sometimes referred to as Buddhist ‘Lent’. This period correlates with the rainy season in Thailand and Buddhists use this time to cleanse themselves of the ‘bad’ in their life, often making pledges to abstain from certain practices such as drinking alcohol. Buddhist monks spend this time at the temple studying Buddha’s scriptures, meditating and chanting. This week, the beginning of the rainy season, there will be ceremonies held at temples all over Thailand involving offering giant candles, a symbol of the traditional practice from when there was no electricity.
For Prayer:
  • That at this time of renewed spiritual activity, doors of dialogue between followers of Jesus and their Buddhist friends will be opened and the truth of Jesus shared
  • That Jesus will reveal Himself to people through dreams and other encounters as the true Light of the world
  • For opportunities for the local believers to boldly share their faith in Jesus with others
  • That the power of the Holy Spirit will move over the nation of Thailand during this rainy season


Candidate Kate is preparing to join the team serving in South East Asia. She is currently halfway through formal theological study and is also learning the culture and language of the local people online at the language centre when she will eventually be based. Kate is enjoying the conversations with her teacher who is a similar age and they are chatting about topics from TV shows through to faith!
For Prayer:
  • Give thanks with Kate for the varied opportunities to learn and to prepare for service
  • For good rest during her study break so that she is refreshed and ready for the next semester
  • Praise God for the new believers in South East Asia and pray that they will grow strong in their faith within their communities
  • Pray for the whole team as they look for and respond to opportunities in their settings to share the Good News of Jesus


From 13-17 July Global Interaction is running a five day course for anyone keen to explore the why and how of cross-cultural mission. A large team of facilitators will be joined by cross-cultural workers and local mission practitioners who will present case studies about current issues. Participants will further understand the mission of God, develop practical skills for effective local and global ministry and further discern their call to cross-cultural or local ministry.
For Prayer:
  • Praise God for the many people who will be involved in Strategic Mission Week and that through the course all will be further equipped to outwork God’s purpose for their life
  • For wisdom and humility for the course facilitators so that God’s voice will be heard through their sessions by the participants
  • That participants who sense a call to cross-cultural ministry will have God’s strength and peace to respond
  • For God’s hand to be over all the course logistics, the health of the facilitators and the technology and that many people participate in the course