Approx 10 Minutes

Global Interaction sends out intercultural workers all across the world! You can see our teams serving in different countries here:
You can pray for these intercultural workers who fly around the globe to tell others about Jesus in ways that make sense to them. A great way to remember to pray for these people is to create a Prayer Aeroplane!
Resources needed:
  • A4 Paper
  • Markers
  1. Starting with a blank A4 piece of paper, use markers to write the name of a country that Global Interaction sends workers to. Following this, write the names - or draw pictures - of the team members who are currently serving in those countries.
  2. Fold your paper into an aeroplane. You can find simple instructions here:
  3. Once your Prayer Aeroplane is folded, set a target to throw the plane to. The person who lands their plane closest to the target wins!
  4. Play several rounds, adjusting the target location accordingly. Remind children that as the paper aeroplane flies across the room, Global Interaction workers are flying across the world to tell others about Jesus.
  5. Finish the activity by praying for Global Interaction workers and the countries that are written on the Prayer Aeroplane.