2020 Just Prayer Resources

  • Invitation to Just Prayer Video

    Promote Just Prayer to your church community with this invitation video from Scott Pilgrim, Executive Director.
    2 minute video >>  1 minute video >>  

  • Intercultural Worker Video

    *Available 12 Oct, 2020* A video of Global Interaction intercultural workers sharing about the difference your prayers make as they serve among the least-reached.   

  • Prayer Ideas

    *Available 12 Oct, 2020* New creative prayer ideas added for Just Prayer 2020 will be added by Mon 12 October. 

  • Just Prayer Presentation

    *Available 12 Oct, 2020* A PowerPoint presentation giving a background to Just Prayer and the least-reached people groups Global Interaction serves among. 

  • People Group Team Posters
    *Available 12 Oct, 2020* Printable PDF posters of the Global Interaction teams serving among least-reached people groups.
  • Prayer Needs
    *Available 12 Oct, 2020* Prayer needs documents identifying the key areas of prayer for Just Prayer 2020 as well as people group prayer need documents with informative prayer points for each people group.
  • Just Prayer Poster
    *Available 12 Oct, 2020* Print and pin up this poster to promote Just Prayer. This can be printed A3 or A4. 
  • Just Prayer logos -  landscape | portrait
    Use the logos in your church newsletters, PowerPoints during services, emails, websites and blogs. 
  • Guide to Least-reached People Groups
    Print this one page handout for reading during services or small groups. The article is a page from Resonate magazine.
  • Just Prayer Hourly Calendar
    Print this calendar and ask your church to commit to an hour of prayer so that the whole day/weekend is covered.