Global Interaction Guide - available now

Opening this Guide is like opening a door into Global Interaction’s world. We invite you to come in and unite with Australian Baptists as we reach out to the least-reached with a special concern for those who have been pushed to the edges of their society.

Currently two thirds of the world’s population are yet to experience the life-transforming gift of Jesus. So many people go from birth to death without ever hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Global Interaction is devoted to sharing Jesus with these communities around the world.

Why are we so passionately focused on least-reached people groups? With 97% of the world’s Christian workers and resources focused on the people who have already encountered Jesus, we think that those who may miss out on that opportunity deserve our attention and priority. Yes there are many worthy causes in the world today but we firmly believe that at present, God has called Global Interaction to be a presence and a light to nine of these least-reached people groups.

Ponder over the pages, imagine the places and the people and ask God what valuable contribution you can make. We refer to this Guide throughout the year in our prayer resources. We hope that it will help you as you pray to visualise the incredible work that you are supporting.

To receive your copy of the Guide and to be added to the distribution list to receive future editions, subscribe online or call  03 9819 4944 .